7 ways to Delay Orgasm

Even though Sex should be a game of time or speed if you are worried about not lasting long and want to finish off only when you feel ready, check out these simple but effective tips to help you prolong your orgasm

  1. Kegel exercise

By strengthening your pelvic floor, you will have the increased ability to control your ejaculation.

  1. Measured breathing

Getting your breathing right is essential for maintaining control in all walks of life, including your Orgasm.

  1. Masturbation

Relieve the pressure and minimize your sensitivity by masturbating a couple of hours before penetrative sex.

  1. The Stop and Start Technique

Train your ejaculatory response by edging yourself a couple of times before proceeding to orgasm.

  1. Pressure points

There’s a pressure point just in front of your anus, and it can delay ejaculation.

  1. Extend your foreplay

Spending more time on your partner’s pleasure, rather than your own, is a great way to delay your orgasm

  1. Decrease your sensitivity 

If you’re using condoms, choosing thicker varieties can delay your orgasm

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