Common Mistakes Made by Nigerian Men Before And During Sex

A couple of Nigerian guys brag about their sexual prowess, and it’s usually funny to hear sometimes cos if Nigerian ladies really come out to talk about some sexual experiences they have had, and how it turned out to be a waste of body count, then a couple of men will roll in the mud.

We addressed some mistakes Nigerian men commonly make before and during sex, hopefully, these will help our guys do better.

  1. Ignoring the importance of foreplay and oral sex.

Why most guys ignore proper foreplay is quite amusing, considering it’s what makes sex more exciting and longer. Suck on the tits and nipples, kiss those lips, grab the ass and if it’s your thing, then rim the anal. It’s not every time you just “off pant” and want to slide in immediately. Exploring a lady’s body is one of the best services you can do to her and yourself.

Another activity a lot of Nigerian guys suck at is oral sex, it’s not just about putting your mouth on the pussy, and be sucking it like Caprisone or you are dehydrated; PUT YOUR TONGUE TO WORK GUY!. Let your tongue explore the anatomy of the pussy, from the labia to the clits, suck the clits so good it pops.

  1. Unnecessary Excitement and Anxiousness

It is totally understandable to get excited and anxious, especially if you have tried so hard to get that hot girl to be in bed with you; to be honest and fair, some ladies are so sexy you just have to get excited. Imagination alone can make your dick so hard, but all great men earn their medals by being calm under pressure, just check the record and you will find out all successful and great men stay calm even in the midst of great pressure.

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That being said, “my guy try dey stay calm”.
Excitement and Anxiousness can either make you cum early and even worst-case make it difficult for you to get hard properly cos you are figuring out a lot of things in your head.

One of the solutions to anxiousness and excitement is to wank off, so “your eye and head go clear” and get ready for the task ahead, that’s like a warm-up before the main match.

  1. Being Aggressive

I think the mistake a couple of guys make is confusing rough for aggressive. There is a total difference between having rough hardcore sex and just being aggressive. Some guys be thrusting like they just want to punish the girl, any offense the girl may have committed, I sincerely apologize on her behalf. Sex is meant to be pleasurable and enjoyed by both parties, it is not an opportunity to prove a point, or exhibit your toxic masculinity. 

Sex isn’t a sport, there is no medal at the end of it, so just take your time and give the lady a wonderful experience while you also enjoy it.

  1. Taking Unnecessary Substance

I will never get the point of taking all sorts of pills and sexual herbs, just to last long in bed. I have witnessed situations where guys take pills and end up not having a hard-on when it’s time to have sex, or they end up finding it hard to ejaculate.

Guys, let us all accept, there will be times we will be “2 Mins” men, it is a given, especially 30+ men that now stays in Lagos; this is where good foreplay and oral come in handy.

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The best and proven methods to last long are eating healthy, taking fruits, and exercising; you don’t need all those things you are taking.

  1. Not being expressive

A lot of times, guys complain that some ladies lay in bed like a log of wood during sex; also having sex with some guys is like having sex with a robot or using a dildo, they just keep thrusting and not one sound will be made throughout.

One fact is, ladies love guys that moan, they want to know if the blowjob is hitting the right spot, or if the pussy is wrapping around the dick and sucking it in properly. Moaning is an affirmation that she is doing really good and trust me guys, the more and harder you moan, the harder a girl goes, that’s their sex motivation or encouragement language.

Another thing ladies love is whispering nice and lovely words into their ears while you are thrusting deep, guys that have mastered this act are high ranking Yoruba Demons, these words always hit the right spot in the soul, especially if you say exactly what ladies want to hear, this makes the pussy drip like a spring.

  1. Wrong Condom Selection

This is a very important decision to make, different condoms give a different feel. Using cheap condoms do no good for both parties, it just creates bad experiences. Know when to use Studded, Ripped, Thin, or Regular texture condoms.

A few tips are:

  • If you are a guy that finds it hard to cum, then avoid regular texture condoms, go for thin or ripped condoms.
  • On days you are likely to cum early, go for the regular texture.
  • Studded condoms are good for pleasuring ladies.
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