Don’t just masturbate, MASTUR-BREATHE

Self Pleasure, is the deepest form of Self Love-
If you know what you are doing!

Almost everyone masturbates or have tried masturbating as a form of Self pleasure in the past! But only very few have ever tried to masturbate as a form of Conscious self pleasuring.

Don’t just masturbate, MASTUR-BREATHE

When we masturbate, we mostly only think of how this act can help us reach orgasm or ejaculation. Which isn’t such a bad idea on its own! But then, that’s unconscious act may be causing you to lose out on a lot.

The purpose of this article is not to judge your masturbation style or the intention and purpose behind your masturbation, but to provide you insight to even greater things masturbation is capable of doing in your life asides just helping you reach orgasm or ejaculation. And also provide you new and more healthy ways to approach this beautiful act of self-pleasuring.

You by now, know me that I am the Queen of Masturbation. Lol. I masturbate so frequently that I can’t begin to remember how many times I have masturbated in this life time. I started masturbating at a rather young age and I have tried almost everything masturbation is a tool for! I have masturbated with porn, I have masturbated without it! I have done it with my hands, I have done it with toys, I have masturbated as a mutual exploration and as a solo exploration, and with all my experiences, I can tell you that:

Contrary to what people say about masturbation that;

Masturbation ruins your ability to enjoy partnered sex

Masturbation is not healthy because it causes you to experience issues with your sexual organs

Masturbation reduces your energy level

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Amongst others!

These are all so not true! It’s just typical of us humans to blame everything else except ourselves!

Masturbation isn’t the cause of these problems but how you as the HUMAN decides to approach this beautiful experience!

How do you prepare yourself?
How do you explore your body?
In what ways do you touch yourself?
How often do you masturbate?
Do you masturbate the same way every time or are you given to exploring even with masturbation?

So many questions you need to ask and answer yourself to make you see that whatever results you get from masturbation,
You and you alone are responsible for it! The same issues could also occur if you were to be having partnered sex. You can get addicted to it, you can develop low sperm count, you can develop a lack of interest in relationships, etc. it’s all about how you engage!

Well… this isn’t the focus of this article, however, I figured it’s important to mention that before we proceed to help with any doubts you have about masturbation before proceeding to how you can do more specifically “Move energy through your body” during masturbation.

Speaking of moving energy through your body, what does that even mean?

Well moving energy through your body is a very powerful way to practice “Energy Healing” on your own.


The human body is a complete energy system, and when we experience imbalance in the body, this creates obstruction in the flow of energy, which can result in illness or negative thoughts and feelings. Energy healing is a method to ensure that the energy flow within your body moves undisturbed and without obstruction. Energy healing modalities also take you to the root of your thought pattern, help you safely and gently release it, and imprint positivity. This process creates healing on the physical and spiritual layers as well as the mental and emotional ones.

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And the body’s energy system consists of:

Aura – Electromagnetic energy field surrounding the body
Chakras – Energy centres
Meridians – Energy channels / pathways

Energy flows through the body along defined pathways (meridians, nadis), similar to how blood flows along arteries and veins.

For the sake of this blog post, I will focus on the topic so I don’t take too much time. Or else this is going to turn into a book before we know it lol. I will make sure to write a different post about the Body’s energy system in the nearest future.

So back to masturbation!

There is so much more you can do with Masturbation other than just cum! And one of that is “moving energy through your body for the purpose of healing or manifesting.
When you Breathe consciously during Masturbation, you give your body permission to stay alive at that particular moment! When your body is alive, it can benefit in its totality from the entire experience as opposed to just your genitals benefiting (what happens with most people who masturbate mindlessly). And that is why they experience all of these issues that they experience!

Imagine if you only ever service your car’s carburetor each time you take it to the mechanic and leave the other parts of the engine out? What do you think will happen to the carburetor and other parts of the engine?
The other parts will soon pack up because little or no attention is paid to them.
And even the Carburetor will pack up soon enough from too much servicing.

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That is exactly what happens with your body when you masturbate and focus on only your genitals all the damn time! Without breathing consciously.

Breathe in life and when infused into anything with consciousness, it has the ability to give life and freshness to that particular thing.


Tantric masturbation allows you to take charge and control the outcome of your orgasmic energy! Instead of just masturbating and releasing that powerful energy of your orgasm away into thin air, it gives you the opportunity to use that energy to your advantage in a way that heals and revitalizes your entire being. Not just your body, but also your mind, spirit, emotions, and soul!

Tantric masturbation involves making love to yourself through touch, breath-work, and meditation. If you are interested in exploring Tantra and looking for how to: I always suggest starting with Tantric Solo Masturbation before moving on to partnered or multi-partnered tantric activities.

According to “ Barbara Carrellas ACS, AASECT, author of Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century. tantra is a heart-centered, embodied spiritual practice that embraces every aspect of life and says, ‘This could be a path or vehicle to enlightenment,’

Walking the dog, doing your homework, and navigating traffic can all be done tantrically. And yes, so can masturbating.

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