Friends with Benefit… and more benefits!

If I have to share all the experiences of my partners that have given me permission to, I can promise you it will be a very long series and all the episodes and will be f*cken steamy; I can’t lie I have been a blessed man for a lot of things, and getting the right partners definitely ranks highs on the list.

Hi there, sorry I haven’t released any story recently, but here I am.

It’s been a roller coaster for me lately, from working with Wunmin and GoddessJhay to create new content (check for links at the end of this story), to planning for the SensualBooth Lifestyle Party coming up in a few weeks (I hope you have gotten your ticket, if No, Kindly Click Here For Tickets & Info), to restoring my belief in Twitter and opening a new account, kindly follow me @Banks_Stallion

Recently, someone asked if I have a girlfriend and how I cope with my sexual life, I told the person I only have a partner, what we all call “Friends with Benefit”; I honestly don’t like the “FWB” tag, so I rather stick with Partners, that way it doesn’t leave so much detail, it’s left to whoever to guess what type of partners we are.

I have had a few partners, all very reasonable and very active sexually. Having partners have really helped me in my quest for more sexual freedom, they all come with their own unique awesomeness, and we tend to be more open about our needs and desires. I guess it’s because we just want to smash ourselves as much as possible and enjoy all the goodness before the sexual tension and desires fade off.

Another bonus and the awesome thing is that we always remain, friends, even after the sexual desires and tension fade off, no bad blood, absolutely no need for enmity. I guess this is major because our partnership is built on friendship, and even during the course of the whole sexual tension we still tend to have real life conversations like adults should; imagine having a real conversation after a good round of sex while you drag your blunt, trust me there is no holdback, it’s usually very pure and sincere.

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If I have to share all the experiences of my partners that have given me permission to, I can promise you it will be a very long series, and all the episodes will be f*cken steamy; I can’t lie I have been a blessed man for a lot of things and getting the right partners definitely ranks highs on the list.

I recently had drinks with one of my former partners. During our conversation, bants and all, she asked why I have never written about her, and I said I needed her permission to do so. She then said I should, she will like to read and reminisce about old times, considering we had very awesome and memorable sexual moments; I told her I will when I clear my writer’s block and in the right mood to write. Anyways, we had a lot to drink that night. I personally had a couple of beers and rounded off with shots of Tequila, while she had glasses of cocktail and rounded it off with shots of tequila. 

After all was said and done, I had no reason to write about the past when there is a present. We ended up at my place and had one of those nights that would have gone to be a porn blockbuster if it was recorded. 

Tequila always does the damage, I call it “The Devil’s Water”.

We got a bottle of tequila but we couldn’t finish it at the bar so we decided to go do justice to it at my place, which makes a lot of sense, cos drinking Tequila alone is never fun unless you are a sadist. 

In between we had these Lollipops we got from my favorite edibles plug (Moma’s Treats (@momastreats)>Click here to view their IG page<), Normally the edibles give a lot of sexual vibes, it just keeps you in a place of bliss. We have had one of their item before and we kinda fucked all night, so mixing the lollipop with Tequila, there was only very little we could do to keep our sexual hormones in check.

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We both knew our sexual capability and we were so horny from the whole Alcohol and Edibles, so getting home before anything could happen was a pure waste of time. Right from our ride home, we already got things steamy, both of us were shameless and we kissed and touched all the way, we even said dirty things, not considering if we were loud or silent, as far as we were concerned, that was the rider’s cup of tea.

We safely got home without the rider throwing us out of his car, while we tried to walk in like decent people, she smacked and grabbed my ass, I just gave a sheepish smile and I told her, you won’t survive the night, she replied with “Let’s see”; bear in mind we were both stoned so we needed each other to walk.

Once we got into the apartment before I could say JACK!, my pants were down and my dick was in her mouth. I was lucky enough to be close to a wall so I could lean on it; I was almost certain that the way my legs shook and lost balance from the good strokes with her mouth, I could have fallen. She has always said I moan like a warrior going into battle and I am sure this night was no different, my head felt empty and light, it felt like I was levitating, at this point my worries were all gone, and my dick was hard as a rock all I wanted to do was have my dick in her pussy and fuck her good, but my friend kept feasting, she dominated me and was in full control.

She stood up, and went over to drag my work seat which was pretty close by, can’t lie that chair is very good for fucking cos of the spring effect, those who have fucked on proper office seats can testify to this. 

She got me to sit on the chair while she slowly and seductively took off the palazzo pants she had on before she went back to giving me the blowjob of my life. I sank into the seat with my life in her hands literally. When she was satisfied with feasting on my dark chocolate bar, she then sat on my fully erected dick in a reverse cowgirl position, her nice ass was moving in perfect symmetry with her waist. I WAS GONE !!!

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She rode me so good, I can perfectly and confidently say the sweetest and best feeling in a short time frame is good sex, you totally forget all your problems and sorrows, you are blank and fully controlled by your sexual hormones.

After a good ride, she asked me to get off the chair, she then sat on the chair and lifted her legs up in the air so enticing she didn’t need to say anything before I got my rock-hard dick straight into her wet and creamy pussy. 

Again, if you have ever fucked on an office seat you will know the wonders the spring at its base does, the magic of the spinning effect of the chair, and the great function of its tires.

 While the chair moved about as I pounded her, it gave me the luxury to feel the entire walls of her pussy, while she was able to take all my dick. She moaned passionately and gave me seductive eye contact, in the affirmation that I was pounding her right. Midway while I stroked her, I would pull the chair closer to me so my dick could fill it all and she felt my entirety in her pussy.

That was honestly a beautiful moment, seeing her helpless and trembling at the effect of my magical dick, I felt fulfilled and was ready to offload my chunk of sperm on her boobs all across her chest.

Before I knew it, my dick was “milking” sperm, I offloaded a good amount of my sperm all over her. At every drop of sperm, she gave a sensational feeling, she really loved the warmth of my fresh “milk”.

That wasn’t all for the night, we went more rounds till our bodies could no more.

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