Fun, Dirty, Wild & Erotic Adult Party Games

As we countdown to SensualBooth Lifestyle Party happening on Friday, June 10, we decided to go back to a previous tweet of ours, where we mentioned games that should be banned in Lagos games nights and house parties.

Below are some recommended games that are fun, dirty, wild, and erotic; which can replace the banned ones. If you want to have a party where everyone possibly gets drunk, naked, and horny, you should try these games and make sure you are playing them with people that are ready to risk it all.

1. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Aside from the intent to have a great time, one of the main purposes of this game is to, in fact, get drunk. If you don’t drink, you can opt for a non alcoholic beverage and use the game as a way to stay hydrated. The game involves choosing a card, competing against other players, voting, and screwing your friends over. Here’s an example card: “Imitate another player. First person to guess correctly picks another person to drink.”

2. CoolCats & AssHat

CoolCats & AssHat is a game that’ll teach you a lot about your friends and get them a little tipsy while doing it! It’s a card game full of dares (Stuff like “Make someone tell a joke. If no one laughs, they must take a shot”). At the end of each round, one person is crowned an “Ass Hat” (the loser) and a “Cool Cat” (the winner).

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3. Disturbed Friends

Any game that dubs itself “the worse game ever made,” is automatically a winner. This game comes with 250 disturbing question cards and equally offensive cartoon cards. The object of the game is to vote on what you think your friends would do in horrible situations, with the goal of staying friends once the game is over.

4. Tipsy Chicken

This game is like Truth or Dare without the Truth. The goal is to complete as many dares as you can, as instructed by the game cards, without earning chicken cards-which mean you were too nervous to go through with the dare. Expect to embarrass yourself, laugh hysterically, and probably regret your decision to buy this game every time you play.

5. Cards Against Humanity

With over 68,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, the. people have spoken. (The horrible people, but the people.) The official description of the game pretty much sums it up nicely: “Cards Against Humanity is the best-selling party game that turns your mediocre personality and lack of social skills into hours of fun.” Amen. This is the original version of the game, but if you want to add some variety, you can purchase expansion packs.

6. What Do You Meme

Memes are popular for a reason – because they’re hilarious. What Do You Meme is a game that lets you create your own memes by matching a photo card to a text card. Compared to other games on this list, this one’s on the tamer side, but the minimum age recommendation is still 17, because “There are some things you just can’t unhear. Trust us.” Noted.

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7. Do or Drink

The title of this game pretty much explains it: Do the thing the card tells you to do or drink. If you don’t drink alcohol, any other beverage works, too. The cards tell you to do things like, “Text a random number ‘u up’ or drink twice,” “Let the person to your right scroll through your photos for 30 seconds and share one with the group or take a shot,” and Give a lap dance to the person on your left or take two shots.” So, yeah. There’s going to be some drinking happening.

8. I Wish I Didn’t Know

This game consists of 500 trivia cards with questions you may or may not want to know the answers to. For example, multiple choice answers to “The chances of getting away with murder” and “The bodily fluid that can be found in 81% of hotel rooms.”

9. 5 Second Rule

When it comes to inappropriate adult games, this one is more on the tasteful side of inappropriateness. The official description of the game sums it up nicely. “It seems easy to name three uses for your tongue, but can you do it in five seconds without getting tongue-tied and flustered?!”

10. Truth or Drink

The rules of this game are simple: get your drink ready, draw a card, read the card aloud, and either answer the question or drink. Questions range from. “If you discover you’ll die today, what will be your biggest regret?” to “Do your best impersonation of me.”

11. Quick and Dirty

The folks who will succeed most in this game are those who are quick-witted with dirty minds. The object of the game is to yell out an answer to questions like “Something you binge on” and “Weird phobia.” The answers have to begin with a letter you draw from the card stack.

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12. Telestrations After Dark

This is the adult version of the game you may already know and love. One player sketches a word or phrase and the rest of the players guess what they drew. Since most humans are pretty terrible at drawing, specifically when it comes to phrases like “finger lickin’ good” and “dry rub,” you can imagine the hilarity that will ensue.

13. Drawing Without Dignity

A drawing game that might teach you a thing or two you didn’t know you wanted to learn. Here’s a review from a big fan of the game: “OH MY GOD! We played with friends for HOURS of non-stop laughs… It was hilarious to discover that the sweetest woman in the room guessed the raunchiest drawings. And the most experienced didn’t know it all. Heck, ‘I consider myself to be experienced, yet I learned some new ideas. And I suspect everyone in the room scored that night. 

14. Toysaa

A fun twist on Jenga, this game has players removing a block from the tower without knocking it over and then following the task described on the bottom of the block. You might be asked to tell an embarrassing story, take a shot, or speak with an accent for the rest of the game.

We hope these recommended games will help you spice up your games nights and house parties, and possibly have the kind of party you have always dreamt of.



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