How To Effectively De-Flower A Virgin Lady

First of all, the lady must give you her express consent to deflower her. She must be mentally ready for the life-changing act you are about to engage in with her.

If you can, sedate her a little with alcohol to make her feel very free and relaxed, of course with her “consent”. If not try other comfortable means to make her feel free and relaxed

First of all, she will feel some pain, but with a lot of care, you can make her almost not notice it.

This is what has worked for me every time I had indulged in this kind of act. Start with some good hugging and kissing and let her feel relaxed. Undress her very slowly, taking time and kissing her as you slowly uncover her skin. Be gentle and go slow. By the time you have her fully undressed, you should have covered her body with your kisses.

If she has not seen a man naked (I mean in front of her in a real-life situation), be careful not to expose yourself abruptly. Your arousal and size may freak her out! It is best if you can hide it the first time as much as you can. Most women find the first sight of a big erect penis scary. If you scare her, she will tighten and that will make the whole thing unpleasant!

Give her a nice massage, especially with oils laced with sweet-smelling fragrances, and make her feel pampered. Kiss her nipples, nibble them gently. The fragrances will take her into oblivion, especially with a slow sensual musical playlist (the kind specially selected for lovemaking).

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Kiss her on her tummy, roll your tongue in and all around her belly button. She will moan and then you move very slowly downwards.

Rub your nose gently on her crotch area. Run your fingers on her bush (if she has).

Run your touch down her vaginal lips. Get her wet with your tongue. Concetrate on her clitoris. Make her orgasm or wet. Ensure your Foreplay is slow, sensual, in rhythm with the sensual songs if possible, and prolonged for almost an hour or more if you can.

Using your tongue, or your fingers (very gently), arouse her. You will see her vaginal lips swell, and they will also loosen. She will want more of your tongue or fingers by now. Try to end it by making her climax using your tongue or fingers.

Gently rub against the full length of her hymen with your fingers (of course with plenty of water-based lubricants – KY water-based lubricant is a good example). Ensure this is prolonged till you feel her hymen swell. If you are observant, you will realize that the middle of her hymen must have become so thin that even your fingers can break it by exerting little pressure on it. If you can not, let us move on to the next stage.

Now, grab your water-based lubricant because now is the time to very gently position yourself between her legs. Carefully place your erect penis between her vaginal lips and apply very gentle pressure. The very first time, even if you go in an inch or less, that is good enough. Do not force your way in. If you have aroused her, she will enjoy the pressure of you going in a little bit. But if she can take your hard penis in, you can go all the way in, BUT DO NOT PUSH IT IN WITH FORCE!

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You are probably going to cum very quickly inside her, so if you don’t want her to get pregnant, kindly ensure she’s in her safe days and not on her ovulation days or use a condom.

Every time I have been with a woman for the first time, I have taken it very slowly. Sometimes it is an hour before I try to enter. So please be very patient and considerate because it is a memory that she will forever cherish. She will thank you for it forever if you get it right!

Good luck and please do let me know how it goes.

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