Late Night Pleasures – Part 1

I had waited months to have him by my side and now that he was here he was snoring gently with my head on his chest. He always looked so calm while sleeping. I really wanted to let him sleep but my body was craving his attention, his touch.

I pushed my hands slowly down his body to the band of his shorts. His member was fast asleep just like him. I giggled under my breath. I always liked a challenge. I pushed my hand into his shorts and slowly picked up his cock in my hand. He groaned in his sleep, probably thinking this was a fantasy. I started to stroke gently.

With each stroke, his response was more evident. I finally decided to kick things up a bit. Slowly I got under the sheet. His shaft in all his glory was awake but not at its peak yet. I took the length into my mouth while massaging the base slowly.

Even in his sleep, the blowjob did the magic. I pulled up my head and went for a dive again. This time I took all of it in, pushing it as far back as my small mouth would allow. As I choked, he pulled my hair back. Damn, I love it when he does that.

“The f**k babe. Why on earth would you wake a man this way” he whined from his sleep.

“Cause I can,” I reply.


” Yup. Plus I want you babes and you’re just there sleeping like a log. Now let go of my hair let me get back to my business.”

“Yes, ma’am. Gentle on my boy though. He’s not going nowhere, he’s all yours.”

I smirk on hearing that. I go back to work bobbing my head and squeezing my cheeks to imitate the walls of a vagina.

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He moans in response. I stop for a minute to take off his shorts completely. When I return to the bed he stops me before I can continue my mission.

“Strip too. Just in case I get overly excited.”

By excited, he means pulling my small self up and giving me what I actually want. I comply and take off the shirt and short I have on.

His eyes move over my body and he motions for me to come to him. I lie beside him and he pulls me in. He kisses deeply, his lips are rather demanding. I try to keep pace but I’ve always been a terrible kisser.

His erection was a stumbling block between us. My fingers started to search for gold but he caught them before they went too far. He placed my hands above my head and started to worship my body. The hand holding mine need to get into the action so he gave me a stern look. I knew I dare not move those hands now.

He kissed my neck downwards and circled around my boobs. Finally, his lips engulfed one of my nipples. My moans filled the room. As his tongue worked on one, his hand fondled the other. He kept doing that at interval, ensuring no one was left lonely for too long. His journey started heading a little lower. I arched my back, aching for his lips to meet mine. But he skipped them and faced my thighs.

“Lord save me from this man.” I thought. He kissed all the way down to my feet and back up and did the same for the other leg. When he finally kissed where I wanted I was dripping. He slid two fingers in and my body shivered in response.

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“that’s my girl.”

He began to thrust his fingers in and out. My hand fell on his head aiding him to suck. Before I could complete the motion he spanked hard on my thighs. My hands quickly retreated to their original position.

I was totally at his mercy. All I could do was look down at the villain who was torturing me. His fingers continued thrusting into me and I couldn’t help the moans pouring from my lips. I began to squirm with my hands squeezing the bedsheets to stop myself from moving them away from their station. I was completely under his control. At some point, after watching the smirk on his face as he manipulated me, I closed my eyes and leveled my head on the mattress. I was in paradise as I lavished the feeling that waved through me. I could feel his hands on my thighs, on my lips, and on my clitoris right before his fingers found their way into me.


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