Late Night Pleasures – Part 2

He tore my legs wide apart till I was completely exposed right in front of him, then he softly spanked my lips till I buckled under him.

I felt his hands disappear for a longer time than expected. I got disappointed, but as I opened my eyes, I felt his lips brushing against my soft petals. I gripped harder on the bed sheets and lifted my body eager for more. Like a master artist, he placed his right hand on my belly and used it to push me back into the bed. His lips didn’t break away from me; I could feel his face rubbing around the inside of my thighs. He started to use his hands to support the pleasure his lips were already providing. I couldn’t even ask the Lord to save me from this man anymore! The desire was so intense that I could feel myself melting into his control. He’d curve his fingers inside me and touch places he hadn’t touched in a while. I wanted to tell him to stop for a moment but my body and lips urged him to continue.

At that very moment, all control was lost completely. I clasped my thighs around his head and brought my hands to his head to push his face closer to me. He allowed me to do that for a few minutes before he took control again.

“Damn! I can’t wait no more! Turn over.” He ordered.

Like a horny teenager I obeyed his command. He climbed my body gently while kissing as he made his way up. I could feel his chest leaning on my back while his member pressed into my ass. His hot breaths spoke a language my head couldn’t process to my neck as he lifted my left leg . His body pressed onto mine. I felt like it’d crush it, but I couldn’t help it. I was enjoying every bit of it. He placed a hand beside me and used it to lift his body slightly. I felt his penis rub around my clit for a moment before it splitting it open. I knew, this was the moment he enters me, and I couldn’t wait.

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I tried to shuffle myself onto him, but it was futile. His legs had mine trapped under his, and his weight was paradise crushing me, even though he was leaning on his hand. The head of his penis slid into my vagina slowly. I cooed underneath my breath as he made his way into me. I rolled my head sideways and tried to push my ass back at him once again. The motion helped a bit and one more inch of his dick was buried inside me.

“Oh I see!”

Before I could prepare myself, he placed his hands on the middle of my back, pushing me into the mattress, and plunged his dick fully into me. I grunted loudly as I felt myself get filled. It felt like his penis was going to break things inside of me. He withdrew a few inches then slammed back into me.

“Oh God!”

I grunted into the bed each time he plunged into me. I reflexively spread my legs wider as if he had asked me for more space.

I felt his hand on my head, his fingers caressing my hair. That felt so amazing but yet seemed like i was being manipulated. I really wanted to see his face as he did all of those things to me, but he likes to have it his way, and his way is always a real good way! His body slammed harder into mine and my ass became a battle drum.

He slammed away into me while our sweaty body caressed each other. His hand covered my ass firmly then he began to spank me at intervals. The stinging pain of his palms hitting my ass ran through my body. But my brain was too far intoxicated with pleasure to recognize pain. I raised my upper body on my hands and felt his hands on my ass.

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We both groaned as his member fell out of me and his tip rubbed against my clitoris while doing so. I shivered slightly and I could feel his body slightly buckle too. It didn’t take a split second before he had the tip of his penis at my ass-hole. I opened up for him and he dived in . His hands slid to my waist and gripped tightly as he fucked away. My ass was back to being our battle drum of pleasure. I wailed beneath him, I wailed helplessly, I wailed from contentment coursing through my veins. I could feel him going completely macho on me while I closed in on my breaking point. He brought his hands around me to my crotch and found my clitoris. He rubbed on it roughly as he tried to match the movement of his hands to the thrust of his hips. It was crazy, I was crazy. My hands became weak, my legs became weak, my mind closed up on me. I wailed loudly as I crashed into the mattress. It felt as if the whole world was crashing on me as I buckled wildly.


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