Making Women Cum (Part 2)


  1. Employing The Power Of Imagination and Fantasies:

While it is the duty of the man to mentally and sensually prepare his woman for sex by mental, emotional, and physical (sexual) foreplay, the lady should note that it is her orgasm so she should also participate in wetting the grounds by whetting her sexual appetite with her power of imagination and fantasies!    

Either she had been hinted subtly by her man to anticipate sex or she is the one going to initiate the sex, she should prepare herself by imagining different sexual acts either with her man or any other man or woman! She should free her mind since she alone has absolute control of her thoughts and by the way, it is very private. Only she knows what sexual acts she is cooking up in her mind.

She can close her eyes to imagine enacting fantasies in her mind. She should feel free to choose her cast (actors) that would help her make it a successful fantasy. She should feel uninhabited during this thought process so as not to feel guilt. Going down the guilt strip would only ruin the fantasy.    

If she feels comfortable touching herself, she can sensually caress her breasts and nipples, and run her hands in a caressing manner over sensual parts of her body including her inner thighs and clitoris. This would help heighten her imagination and make her fantasy look real. Thereby making her the lead actress of her own fantasy going on in her head.

Please note that it is not compulsory to touch herself if she is not comfortable with it. The key is to maintain focus so that she does not break the fantasy chain by feeling guilty or doing what she is not comfortable with. A few women who have mastered the use of the power of imagination and fantasies are able to achieve nerve-wracking orgasms even without touching their bodies.    

She should feel free to imagine anything sexually. Enjoy the freedom of uninhibited sexual imagination. For example, she may have had the fantasy of fucking a pilot in a plane with one of the hostesses walking in on them and joining them or having her pussy pleasurably sucked by a sexy female co-worker at the office (even though she is not lesbian or bi and may never wish to try out in reality) or erotic things she has in mind to enjoy with her man when they finally meet later in the day to enjoy sweet sex like trying out a new sex style or allowing him to finger her butthole for the first time, etc.

She would realize how sweetly sensitive the entire length of her body would be and the extent of wetness she would feel in her vagina (that is if she had not already orgasmed or slightly creamed her panties or bedspread or couch ) if she effectively employed the power of imagination and fantasies.    

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Now, when she eventually engages her man in a sexual act, she would realize that her body has become more receptive to his kisses, caresses, and penis strokes better than it used to. This is why ovulation sex is the sweetest. The woman’s body is already on heat from her natural biological clock settings and has subconsciously mentally conditioned her body for sex. Ladies do not need to wait for the peak of ovulation to enjoy such horny sex but instead employ the power of imagination and fantasies.

This can also be employed during the main sexual act. It heightens the mood and makes the lady sink deeper into sexual illusion thereby preparing the way for a series of explosive orgasms. No more excuses for vagina dryness and non-sensitivity of the clitoris!    

By the way, if as a lady, you try out our therapy mentioned above and you still feel the dryness of the vagina or little or no sensitivity of the clitoris, kindly connect with us, Ray’s Sensual Calls Agency, directly on the phone 08171900927 via direct call or WhatsApp for a homeopathic remedy without side effects. We are 100% confidential so you do not bother about the privacy of your consultations with us. 

Girl Cumming

2. Seeing A Porn Flick Or Romantic Film:

Many ladies really underestimate the benefits of occasionally seeing porn flicks (kindly note that you should not be addicted to it and have at the back of your mind that not all you see is how it is. Many of the guys have used drugs to enlarge their penises and also use drugs during sex. Never you compare the men’s penis sizes and performance with that of your man.)    

If possible I will advise that you mostly see amateur homemade porn flicks so that you do not get erroneous thoughts and ruin the mood and reason why you are seeing the porn flick which was to pep you up for sex and even learn and re-learn sexual acts to use on your man.    

Romantic films are mostly for lovers and married couples. This would help put you in the right mood for sex. It would appeal to the part of your brain that controls sexual activities and stimulate them. This in turn would have multiplier effects on your entire body and would make you start feeling warm and sexy and ready for romantic passionate sex with your man!

3. The Use Of Sex Toys:

Ladies can employ the use of sex toys to enhance their sexuality and sexual awareness. This helps them get in tune with their sexual self. When a lady knows how and where to touch herself, she can sexually guide her man on how and where to touch her during foreplay and penetrative sex! 

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4. Teasing Herself And Guiding Her Man:

 It is noteworthy that many ladies allow the man to do all the work during sexual intercourse and later complain that he was not able to satisfy her in bed. The truth is that it takes only a very skilled and passionate man to effectively make such a lady cum.    

It is best advised for ladies to be sexually communicative in bed with their men. Tell him how you want it and where you want it most. Gently stop him when you feel uncomfortable and guide him how you want it. When he is getting it right, encourage him with soft moans and let him know he is doing you right.    

Take the cue occasionally especially when the position you are in is comfortable enough for you to caress your breasts, tease your nipples, and even play with your clitoris to work in rhythm with what he is doing to you sexually. You would be glad you did.

Kindly note that sexual intercourse is like a musical band. All the instrumentalists play their instruments individually but in harmony with each other to produce a pleasant sound called music. In the same vein, the pleasant sound you and your man want to create here is your pleasurable orgasm(s)

5. Mastering The Art Of Vagina Skills During Sex:

Most ladies just lie in bed and allow the man to put in all the energy and skills during sexual intercourse. This is very wrong. The saying, “it takes two to tango,” also works here! Ladies should up their sexual games. Learn to use their vaginal walls to stimulate themselves sexually to trigger orgasm and by extension sweetly pleasure the tip of the penises of their men when inside their vaginas. A dry vagina cannot achieve this. Hence, taking particular notes of steps 3, 4, and 6 mentioned above and putting them into practice would be of great benefit here.  Once you can achieve vagina wetness, the next thing is to learn how to “dance on a penis!” Build your own rhythms and patterns of riding a penis. Learning how to twerk would be a good starter. See lots of porn flicks and learn by practicing different skills the ladies practice.

Please, indulge in only styles that you are comfortable with. Do not break your back for any man (he would leave you for another lady eventually). This is why as a lady, you need to constantly work out. Get your body in shape so that during sexual intercourse, it would just feel like another workout because the bed is the best piece of sexual workout apparatus!

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 Another thing ladies need to learn is vagina gripping exercises. It is called Kegel’s Excercise! The way to indulge and master this art is to pee a little then hold your pee for 10 seconds. Repeat 6 times then finally release the entire pee after the 6th time. You can start gradually by once a day for a week (early morning pee would be the best to practice with). After a week without breaking it, proceed to twice a week. After another week, proceed thrice a week and maintain it there for 3 months to 5months.

When you master this art coupled with twerking on a penis and you do both at the same time (penis gripping and releasing with twerking) on a penis, such a man will go to heaven and come back and would never forget what you did to him sexually because he may never have experienced such in his life or only a one/two ladies must have given him such an experience. By the way, it would help you control how and when you want to orgasm.  The depths and joyful screams of your orgasms would know no bounds.

I hope I have been able to impact something good and new (in certain cases, refresh your memory) in you sexually. Kindly share this page with others to learn from and help them enjoy better sex life. Healthy sex life is the crux of a romantic relationship/marriage.

If as a MAN you are experiencing low performance in sex, meaning you have either of these issues – poor libido, weak erection, quick ejaculation, low sperm count, etc. please quickly connect with us on 08171900927 (Call/WhatsApp) for 100% NATURAL and CONFIDENTIAL homeopathic Cure for any of the issues mentioned above. You cannot make your woman cum and enjoy sex if you have any of the mentioned issues above.

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I remain, Ray, your humble Asian-Trained Masseur, Sex Therapist, and Homeopathic Medicine Practitioner. I only care but God loves you more and He alone is your Healer! All glory be to Him, the Most High!

I am Dr. Ray, an Asian-Trained Masseur (Male Massage Therapist), Sex Therapist, Trainer, and Homeopathic Dr. I am also the CEO of Ray’s Sensual Calls Spa – A leading Mobile Spa that has carved her niché in the Adult Leisure and Entertainment Industry in major cities of Nigeria and beyond!

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