Mental Care Tips For Sex Workers

Sex work itself doesn’t automatically cause mental health troubles. However, sex workers are subject to unique stressors because of the way they’re often treated and viewed by others. And because sex workers vary by virtue of the different services they render, their personal self-care can vary too. However, these 5 tips are guaranteed to help you stay your best mentally.

  1. Find your social support system.

Find people who truly understandable offer you freedom and support instead of judgments.

  1. Take measures to protect yourself on social media.

Take regular social media breaks and follow only accounts that inspire you.

  1. Don’t ignore the physical demands of the job.

Take care of your body, invest in good spa dates, massages, regular checkups, and energy healing services.

  1. Set professional boundaries.

Remember rudeness is not a boundary but insecurity.

  1. Give yourself a break if you’re working through internalized sex work stigma.

Sex work comes with stigma and if not careful can lead to internal shame or guilt that can cause you to become Cold and closed off and unable to function optimally.

Check out the Tips & Guide section for more on career growth as an adult creator and sex worker.

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