Mr. Banks Experience (CL. 2) – Job Well Done – PT 1

“I lifted her and placed her on the couch, with her back laid, I lifted her legs and bent them over, it was touching her head. Her ebony pinkish pussy was right in my face now, it will be a disservice to have my dick go right in, so I first licked of the juice and cream that were outside her pussy, I gently sucked on her popping clit, then I took it all in (her entire pussy, including the clit) with so much force and passion, and I sucked it hard, so hard it felt like I wanted to suck out her clit.”

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror after a good round of sex and you like “Oh boy, I drilled that pussy nicely” or “Girl, I worked that dick”?

While thinking of my column for this week, I had a conflict of which experience to share, also considering a friend just shared a very sweet experience with me that made me drop my jaw and sip whiskey severally cos it was too juicy and hot, I wasn’t sure if I should share that this week or just one of my experiences.

While I was still thinking, this particular babe came to my mind, and I just knew that was it; I will tell my friend’s story some other time, but for now, enjoy this!

I think 2 or 3years after I graduated from UNILAG (I honestly can’t remember the year, but I still remember the experience properly cos the girl and I are still friends), I decided to take a quick drive to UNILAG, to get Korede Spag cos I was in the area, back then Korede Spag was the shit and I was stuck on it, so anytime I was in that axis, I usually get a pack or two.

Apart from getting spag, I will also use that opportunity to meet a few people I still knew in the University, can’t lie most of them were babes; I graduated not long ago so I still knew few people around. It is also a known fact that most guys will naturally go back to UNILAG to hunt for babes as fresh graduates, and over time get tired of going in there, and I wasn’t an exception.

On this glorious day, while I was trying to park, this group of female friends walked by, there was this particular one that caught my attention, she was wearing a black body con gown which gave her ass a nice fitting; can’t lie her ass was well rounded and all, just looked lovely from the dress, I shrugged it off and concentrated on parking my car properly, get my meal and dash off.

The issue here is that some things are not avoidable, when I got to where I was meant to place an order for my Spag, BOOM! this babe was right in front of me trying to place an order too. Unlike the other time when I only admired her from afar, this time she was right in front of me, I could gaze properly at her full beauty. I had the opportunity to see her face properly, she was sooooo cute, DAMN !!!. Even with her tired face, she was looking so lovely, and her dark skin was soo smooth with a very fine texture; I couldn’t resist just talking to her (if I perish, I perish).
I mentioned to her that she looked tired and she could have a sit or join her friends inside the restaurant while I helped her place an order, she was pretty much reluctant at first, being a stranger, but she resorted to having a sit since the chair was just next to us. 

We got chatting and she mentioned, that her project was stressing her which is why she was looking all drained. She had just finished with her supervisor and she was really hungry, wanted to get a meal, head back to her hostel, eat and get a good sleep. 

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In all of this, while she was talking, I paid attention to all her words, but I paid more attention to her face, brooooo this babe is super fine. I couldn’t just resist, at a point, she asked me why I was looking at her that way and I told her, “Your face is worth dying for”; she smiled and appreciated the compliment.

Our order was ready, I told her to remain seated while I picked it up for both of us, she then called her friend’s and I volunteered to drop her off at the hostel, which was off-campus. Whatever the reactions of her friends were, I didn’t care, they should go and find their own toasters or guys, this one already belongs to me.
When we got to her hostel, her friends came off the car, they acted pretty maturely, which wasn’t surprising considering they were in their final year, my new friend and I shared a couple of banter and we exchanged numbers. I promised to give her a call later that day, and she smiled and got off the car.

A few minutes after 1am, when I was fully settled and done with work, I picked up my phone and sent a message to my new cutie, I was so anxious for a reply, I took a few minutes to look at the phone screen to see if she will reply immediately, but she didn’t; I just assumed she was still asleep or something, as I was trying to adjust properly in bed, I got a notification on my phone, it was my cutie, she replied “I didn’t expect you to be awake by this time”, my eye immediately lit up, possibly brighter than the phone screen.

We had a long chat into the night, I didn’t mind staying up that late, it was my cutie anyways.

Over time, we became really close friends (we still are) and we hung out a lot, as long as I was at a party or event (not like I go out that much), and she was free we would always go together, and it was just pure vibes all round with both of us.

One glorious Saturday we went for one of these private beach parties a friend of mine was hosting, both of us decided we were both going to be fucked up at the end of the day, it’s been very busy times for both of us, she was having it rough with her project, while I was having it very rough at work, I just got a new manager and he was making my life a living hell.

As soon as we got into the car heading to the jetty, we both took a few shots of Whiskey to get the body and mind ready for fun, on getting to the jetty and on the boat both of us clutched a bottle of Whiskey each, and became a total nuisance, we agreed to have fun our way and not interfere with anybody; so we sat separately on the boat, she was with her friends, while I was with my guys.

The party was all shades of fun, enough to drink and smoke, I was pretty sure the amount of the smoke and alcohol I had that day wasn’t healthy in any way, but FUCK IT & YOLO.

On getting back to land our ride was waiting for us (PS: Never Drink & Drive, Stay Safe Always), we were both fucked up and in a very happy place, we were all shades of dirty and tipsy; we shared bants, laughed and held ourselves.

On our ride home, things started to get really intense and mushy, we were all touchy and all over ourselves, then I felt a heavy breath from her; I grabbed her closer and tight, planted a kiss on her forehead, held her jaw softly and planted a long kiss on her nice lips; she responded nicely and started to kiss me emotionally and with great intensity. My hands gradually went from her neck, then to her boobs area, I caressed them and squeezed them gently and softly while still in her dress; she held me tight and kissed me harder. I was in another realm, I was now high on Alcohol, Smoke, and my cutie.  

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I then started rubbing her thighs and slowly moved my hand under the nice beach gown she was wearing, her nice lace pant were wet and soaked, definitely not from beach water, yeah you guessed right. 

I played with her pussy and clit through her pantie. She responded nicely by putting her hand on my zip area and rubbed my dick gently, my dick appreciated this nice gesture by pumping and breathing; it was a really nice feel.

We got back to our consciousness and realized we were on a ride and there was someone else in the car; we stopped and held ourselves till we got home.

We came out of the car and walked into the house like responsible children, but that was the last bit of responsibility between us.

As soon as we got in and the door closed, I grabbed her close and tight to me, kissed her deeply, and squeezed the round lovely ass that attracted me to her in the first place.

I lifted her beach gown so I could feel the ass directly and have my palm on the flesh of her bum cheeks, I kissed and squeezed her so hard; she held me tight, in a way that meant “Don’t Stop”.

I pinned her to the wall, gently spread her legs, and had my hands between her thigh, I softly caressed her inner thigh and slowly shifted her black lace pantie, then I gently slid in my middle finger, her pussy was so warm and wet, felt like it had waited for this for a very long time. She held me tightly and kept kissing me passionately, while she moaned softly. There was no need to rush, we had all the night to ourselves.

I gently stroked her pussy with my middle finger while my thumb rubbed her poking clit, the juice from her pussy made the clit rub smooth enough, the deeper my finger went in, the more juice her pussy produced and enough to rub her clit. I then took it a step further, I got on my knees, spread her legs wide enough and got my head between her thighs, and had my tongue on her vulva and clit. As soon as she felt my tongue on her vagina, she pushed it closer to my mouth, held the back of my head, and pushed it closer to her wet dripping pussy. I noticed her legs were shaking and she was losing her stamina, but I didn’t mind, instead, I held her ankle tight to the floor and made sure her legs we properly planted to the floor, there was no room for tripping over, I wanted all her pussy and juice in my mouth, I was enjoying my drink from the bottomless well; she moaned softly and grabbed my head so tight in affirmation of the pleasure she was getting.

I finally let her out of her beautiful misery, I shifted her pantie back to its normal position, dropped her gown, and told her that was all, and we needed to sleep (obviously I was teasing).

She smiled, looked at me, and said “are you sure that’s what you really want?”, I smiled back sheepishly. She then said she wanted me standing so I could feel exactly what she felt, it was her turn to punish me and make my legs tremble. She knelt in front of me, took down my shorts, and let out my hard black dick, my dick dangled in her face with joy, it was full of ecstasy, hard and pumping; without using her hand, she gently took in my dick, starting with the cap, she then took it out of her mouth and kissed it all over before she lifted it up and put my entire ball sack in her mouth. My dick was hard on steroids, I had lost control of that little demon, my fate was in the hand of God and my cutie, if I perish, I perish at this point. 

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She sucked my dick so good and hard as she moaned softly, it felt like my soul was about to leave my body, the hard guy was gone. I moaned like a warrior in a tough battle, at a point my mouth was dry and I had to breathe in and out heavily, again I took a deep gulp of the little saliva my mouth was able to produce at that moment; I was basically gone.

She took a break to get completely naked, finally, I could breathe properly and open my eyes. Her body was banging and lovely, her boobs were so firm, and her nipples were rock hard and thick sitting beautifully on her matte black areola. I was in full admiration, a sense of fulfillment ran down my nerves.

While I was still in awe of her body and admiring the masterpiece right in front of me, she gently took my cock into her mouth again, this time harder than the previous round of blowjobs, I felt a sudden rush through my body, I could tell my heart was pumping faster and a large chunk of the blood produced was running through my dick. My dick veins were all popping like the root of a mature and full-grown tree, my dick was the tree, it was mature and fully grown, rock hard it could slice through any pussy at this point. Again, I was gone, I felt my dick pumping and bouncing in her mouth, my dick was definitely more excited than I was. She sucked me good and hard while she played with her pussy. We were both high as fuck.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt tortured, I wanted my black hard dick in her pussy, I wanted to feel the warmth of her pussy all over my dick. 

I lifted her and placed her on the couch, with her back laid, I lifted her legs and bent them over, it was touching her head. Her ebony pinkish pussy was right in my face now, it will be a disservice to have my dick got right in, so I first licked off the juice and cream that were outside her pussy, I gently sucked on her popping clit, then I took it all in (her entire pussy, including the clit) with so much force and passion, and I sucked it hard, so hard it felt like I wanted to suck out her clit. I felt her leg drop and tremble, but no man got time for such weakness, I bent the legs back to their previous position, touching her head and I sucked the hell out of her pussy. She screamed and moaned, but that wasn’t any of my business, one good turn deserved another, or better still “One good head, deserves another”.
When I was so sure I had made her pussy produce enough juice with my mouth, I gently slid in my rock hard dick, she gasped for breath, licked and bit her lips as it went in, I then pulled it out and teased her clit with the cap of my dick, she could not take it anymore and she said in a very harsh tone “fucken put that dick in!”.

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