My First Sex Party: Lifestyle Party Experience by Lara Sensations (2)

The swingers room is bustling with intense sexual activity when I walk in. On the bed is a young couple getting down and nasty. The man fucks his woman in missionary style while her hand fondles the breasts of the other woman laying beside her. 

Damn, all we need are cameras to sell this to X videos.

“You want to catch your breath?’’ the stranger who I call S asks as I sit at the edge of the bed taking in the view of the room. 

I take a swig of water and place my bag on the nightstand, my gaze fixed on S, studying him.

I make myself comfortable, take off my boots and lie comfortably on the bed. He goes to the end of the bed, raises up my leather skirts and spreads my legs apart. My bodystockings provide no freedom for us to explore. 

“Do you want to take it off?’’ he asks, his gaze fixated on mine 

“Tear it” I answer

The shrill sound of the fabric tearing against my skin and the trickle of his hands on my body, courses through my body like electricity. 

I close my eyes as I feel the tip of his tongue on my pussy lips. I feel a mini jolt as his tongue works its way to my clitoris and swirls around. He raises my butt cheeks and wraps my legs around his neck. I hear the sound of more body stockings tearing as his tongue delves deeper into my warm vagina. 

I exhale deeply and feel my body release the tension that has been locked in. S takes it as a sign to continue and continues to nibble on my clitoris, flicking the clitoral head at will. Like an expert out to torment me, I grope the sheets, close my eyes and take deep breaths to allow my body to relax and enjoy. 

“It’s a closed show for couples only,” S says, taking out his face buried in my pussy. 

I look up to see myself surrounded by men grabbing their penis and staring. With a look that implied they could not wait for their turn. 

God abeg o. I mutter to myself. 

The stranger puts his head back and continues from where he stopped. His finger rubs in circles on my clitoris. My clitoris engorges with blood flowing from its head to the labia. S takes me on a beautiful trip as he applies more pressure watching my body twist, turn and my hips sway to the drum of his fingers. 

“Can I join you” a guy asks rubbing his penis to get it hard again 

‘’It’s closed, for couples only’’ a voice answers from the right side of the bed. I force my eyes to open and stare at him. 

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Blacky, as I found out, had come in some minutes ago with his girlfriend who was getting devoured by the men who swarmed her. He took his position by my left, standing as a guard with his upright staff ready to protect me. 

The activities in the room had disturbed my energy and disconnected me from feeling S’s touch. I had to return to my body again, But I had never been policed by an army of dicks staring me in my face. 

I turn to my right hand to find Blacky’s date having the time of her life. My hands move to feel her skin but she is barricaded by her own men. I close my eyes and take five deep breaths to come to consciousness.

Blacky’s penis calls out to me and I run my hands along it before filling my mouth with it. S finger’s rolling around in my vagina, jolts me back to reality. I grope Blacky’s penis with both hands and my mouth sucking on his hardon as S sucks me. 

‘Can I fuck you’ an excited S asks, showing me his condom

My pussy welcomes S penis while Blacky runs his hands on my breasts. He places his finger horizontally on my nipple and pulls subtly. S thrusts start off fast and my hips thrust back and forward to accommodate his girth. I thrust my hips at a slower pace, slowing down his thrusts, I wrap my legs behind S legs and pull him closer to me, feeling the rhythm. S shoots in and out with Blacky’s hand on my breasts and my hand on his penis. 

As the tempo increases in S thrusts, I feel his body stiffen and melt into me as he cums into his condom. 

The party was just getting started. 

At this point it felt like the Gang Bang without the gang. Blacky makes his way to the edge of the bed, whips out a condom and tries to wear it. As if to say Emi Lo’kan. 

“Go down on me” I say to him, sizing up his hardness. Not yet.

I bite my lips and give Blacky my innocent smile.  Blacky’s cold tongue flicks on my sensitive clitoris and my hands grope the bedsheet in response. 

He takes that as a yes and applies more pressure on my clitoris. His palm cups my breasts in pleasure. I grind my hips in response as he latches his tongue to the head of my clitoris and sucks. His movements are in sync with the movement of my body. 

Damn, I love a man who listens to my body. 

Blacky whistled with his tongue and followed the music of my body. His instrument stringing my body to beautiful rhythmic blues that made me sing out in pleasure.  

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Who is this man? 

“Can I join?” Dreadlocks guy asks 

Why are there so many Cock blockers in a sex party? 

“It’s closed” 

I wriggle my upper body in pleasure as Blacky’s hands run from my leather skirts down to my mesh top and grabs my breasts. His hands running around my areola and tapping my nipples to get them erect. 

“Fuck! Fuck me” I mutter, reaching out my hands to pull him closer to me.

Blacky wears his condom and fills all of himself into me. Hard, eager and hungry waiting to get warmed in my pussy. 

He rocks his hips as he slides into me. My hips follow his lead and rock back. 

“Fuck, this is so good” Blacky moans.

His full girth pushes inside of me as I moan out in ecstasy. Giving my audience that had gathered a show. His pace increases with the sound of my moans, my hips rocking in unison. 

“I don’t want you with anyone else for the night” Blacky continues, his thrusts getting deeper. The warmth of his body against mine, his body vibrating as he pulls out of me. 

What the fuck was that? I say, with a deep sigh of satisfaction. 

This was enough fun for the night, time to order my ride home. I’m wearing the left leg of my boots when dreadlocks asks me

“You kept ignoring me. I just want to please you” 

“I’ve had enough pleasure for one night” I respond with a grin

“Can I just eat your ass?. I don’t even want to have sex. Or you could just make me cum” he asks 

Dreadlocks was the most consistent face I had seen throughout my stay in the swingers room. And even though I wanted to call it a night, the thought of more pleasure made me excited. 

I hold his gaze intently and grope his penis in my palm. They are flaccid, like a sleepy child. By the left side of his room, his friends are watching, waiting for the show. 

“Let’s go to the restroom?” he urges, “I can’t seem to get it up with them staring’’ he pleads. 

“I bet you, he would only waste your time”  his friend teases as we go to the restroom. 

In the toilet, I bend over the sink and Dreadlock pulls my body stockings aside, tearing it to make room for his tongue to find its way into my anus. It gives me jitters. He strokes his dick as he continues, the little man engorging as he goes. 

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“Do you like that?’’ I ask him. 

“Yes, I love everything about it’

“Keep going naughty boy. Fuck me with that tongue’’ I continue 

His hand strokes get faster and I stop for a moment to fill his penis in my mouth. Allowing the hardness to fill every inch of my mouth. Not having any it, Dreadlocks bends me over and worships my anus with his tongue. My hand plays with his balls, talking him through his orgasm. 

“Don’t stop, I want your tongue all over me. I am ready to take all of you” I say as his movements intensify, and without any notice he spills. His cum touching my skirt. 

“What the fuck man?’’ I query

“I thought you were ready to take all of it”

‘Not on my clothes” I responded with clear disgust. 

Dreadlock leaves the bathroom and I follow some minutes later. It was already past 5am at this point which meant I had to be on my way. I adjust my smeared makeup, ready to leave when Blacky walks into the restroom and locks the door. 

“I thought you kept saying it was a closed show but you allowed other guys after” he queried his hands blocking my way. 

“I don’t understand. How is that any of your business” I respond, unlocking the door so I could leave this mad man.

He locks the door and continues “I just thought we could, you know..”

“I want to go, get out of the way’’ I answered, looking him in the face and unlocking the door. 

“Are you scared? I thought it was going to be romantic like in the movies and all’’ he says with a smirk.

Kini gbogbo rubbish yi, I wonder. And without a word, push past him and make my way to the swingers room. Fun time was up, I should book my ride right now. As I make my way out of the room, another viewer accosts me. 

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” he says. 

Not after what happened with Blacky, sex was the last thing on my mind. I crone my neck to find SB, I needed to get my bag and get out. 

“I don’t have that time”

“I will give you 100 dollars right now, if you just talk to me”

I can see SB, I should go and get my things so I can leave. But Don here is holding out his phone for a number. While S and Dreadlocks are waiting to give me a ride. 

What the fuck should I do first?

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