My First Sex Party: Lifestyle Party Experience by Lara Sensations

The SensualBooth Lifestyle Party happened 3-weeks ago, a lot of the attendees are still living in the euphoria of that night, most can’t wait for the next party. Lara Sensations, a Sensuality and Intimacy Coach, shares her experience with us in this lovely piece.

You know what they say about midnight. Your body is more likely to crave some good loving. And your pussy extra wet. The sitting room that graced the wild action was dimly lit, bright enough for you not to miss a step, and dark enough for you not to spot your boss in the crowd.

The party was fixed for 9pm but the guests started trooping in by midnight. Before the strippers arrived, everyone was on their phones. A sex party may be the most awkward place to begin a conversation especially when no one is horny.

But the strippers had other plans to ramp up our libido. And as the ass bounced, money flowed, palms slapped, grabbed, and groped flesh. Our primal energy was already kicking in. The sultry performance loosened us. We can’t have an orgy if we are not turned on.

“You can now go to your rooms” the organizer announced after seeing as much hard-ons as I did. The nipple cover was the only shield that hid my engorging nipples from watching the erotic strip show.

The first thing that struck me about AY was the way he wore his anonymity. While most people wore masks, his shield was a ray ban glasses, a base ball hat and a very carefree energy. While most people goofed around looking to impress, he leaned back unbothered- pulling off the ghost mode.

The party just got started and while most people scurried to their rooms, we both found solace in the couch hidden under the stairs.

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“Dozing off under the stairs?” I asked

“Just staying refreshed” he answered with a wide grin. The light under the staircase was brighter so it allowed me see his features.

“Having fun yet?’’ he asked

“Not yet”, It was my first time at a sex party, and I needed to feel the vibe.

“Want to go check it out?’’ he proposed. And we made our way to the orgy room.

There’s something so undeniably sexy about watching people having sex. Seeing them in their raw primal energy, expressing guttural sounds. The sounding slap of a palm on naked skin, the loud moans that escaped from the deepest depth of their throat followed by the humming sound of the vibrator. Listening to this beautiful acapella and watching the blues made me very horny.

With AY standing behind me, I allowed my body dance to the melodious music the room produced. It felt like watching a music video where I was a participant.  I wiggled my ass on AY’s hard on as we watched. My nipple engorging when he ran his hands on my thigh, playing with my fishnets and his other palm on my nipples.

“Let’s get out of here” I whispered.

We made our way to the BDSM room. Prior to our visit to the orgy room, there was no activity going on. I hoped it was still less crowdy .

“Tell me what to do, I will be your slave” the sub cried kneeling naked with hands bound on the floor.

A Dominantrix held her sub to what I would say was an exhilarating sight. The way she sat up straight in a black dress, heels and a full white wig speaking silently to her erratic sub. Who could not understand that BDSM was more about control than being whipped.

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“Meow like a cat” she said to him.

“Roar” he replied instead. “I am a lion, a big cat. And I could be anything for you” he screamed, attempting to cut the rope with his hands apart. Like the movies.

What manner of fuckery is this? Does this guy think this is a Fifty Shades movie? I raised my brows to AY, who looked as lost.

Guys, so I’m going to say this. Don’t jump into BDSM if you cannot give up control.

“Hi guys” we said to the Dom/sub and the couples that laid on the bed. And made our way to the available seat.

I believe in the magic of red wine, so I poured myself another glass to ease up into the room.  I pull AY close, took off his shorts and put his dick in my mouth. I watch his body stiffen as he feels the water in my mouth gorge his penis. My tongue flicks around his penis, slurping with the water. I wrap my hands around his hardness and suck. Groping his ass in my palm and pulling him closer. Like this was the only thing that happened.

Sucking dick is an art that requires your concentration, so I didn’t even look up when someone came in and sprayed some cash on me. Or when I felt the shadow of a person creep up on us.

“Can I join in?’’ the tall guy asks groping his penis.

“It’s private” AY responds, his attention on me.

His body hardens and relaxes with a sweet sigh of satisfaction. I pull his boxers up with a smirk. There was still enough time to go wild. The night was still young.

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“Did I give the both of you permission to do that here?’’ the Dominatrix asks.

Oh boy, I swear under my breath.

“I want you to suck her breasts until I ask you to stop” she says to a gloating AY. ‘’And I want you to give him orders on how to suck you” she says to me

And with that instruction, I allow AY take off the covers that held my nipple and get down to business. His palm covers my tiny boobs and using his tongue he plays with my nipples to get the blood flowing. Sucking and flicking to get them hard and erect. His fingers pinching harder as he followed my lead.

“You can stop now” the Dominatrix commanded. And we do, with a smile on my face.

“Hi, did you come alone” the light skinned average height guy says to me. Breaking me out of my sultry fixation on the Dom and her Sub. AY had gone haywire after we made out and the energy felt off.

“I have been watching you and I would really love to give you head” he continued holding my gaze.

‘’Interesting” I answered “But I want a closed show’’

“Your wish is my command. Let me please you” he said

So, I grab my bag, leaving the perplexed AY to the swingers’ room to experience a fantasy, I never knew I had.

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