Oga Theophilus: The Area Mechanic – EP1 (Intro)

A bonafide Akwa Ibom boy, Theophilus was fully endowed, with a very good body, and a perfect dick.
Theophilus started his sexual experience pretty early, on a couple of occasions he had mentioned that he started to have hard-on as early as 7years, and started masturbating as soon as he realized the pleasure from having sperm come out of his dick.

Intro: Meet Oga Theophilus

This is the story of the sexual escapades of a neighborhood mechanic who apart from being a professional at fixing cars, is also an expert in the sexual satisfaction of women.

Oga Theophilus is a good-looking Akwa-Ibom man, in his late-30s, between 5’’11 and 6ft tall, dark, with an athletic body build, and excellent body cuts. Bare in mind, he isn’t your pretty boy kind of “fine guy”, but there is something charming about his hard-looking street-cred face; Oga Theophilus’ smile has been called different adjectives, by his numerous girlfriends and toasters; from cute, to sexy, to charming, to sweet, just think of the adjective and Oga Theophilus has heard it all, some of them he doest even know how to pronounce not to talk of knowing the meaning.

Another of Oga Theophilus’ charm is his kindness, he is known around the area as a selfless human, this has made many ladies interested in him, when you combine it with his “sweet tongue”.

Oga Theophilus is known among his friends as a serial fornicator, and to be honest, he doesn’t shy away from the label, he even boasts about his skill and ability sometimes.

Oga Theophilus moved to Lagos from Akwa-Ibom after his secondary education, in his early twenties. But instead of coming to the big city for university education, he came to learn a vocation because his parents couldn’t afford a university education. Being on the streets, he learnt a lot of things including the act of wooing a lady all the way to giving a good sexual experience, he was able to listen to adults talk about these things, so he picked up valuable lessons, to be honest, no school will teach you this. 

A bonafide Akwa Ibom boy, Theophilus was fully endowed, with a very good body, and a perfect dick.

Theophilus started his sexual experience pretty early, on a couple of occasions he had mentioned that he started to have hard-on as early as 7years, and started masturbating as soon as he realized the pleasure from having sperm come out of his dick.

He also once shared a story of how one “Aunty” used to play with his dick as a kid, so he knew and understood what sexual pleasure is pretty early than most of his peers, any time he shares this story, he usually ends by saying aaaaahhhhh, I enjoy am die that time with a wide grin on his face.

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According to Theophilus, this same “aunty” gave him the first taste of pussy, and by taste, I mean actually eating a pussy, he described his first experience as the only time raw meat tasted soo good to him since that was what it tasted like then. I once asked him what it tasted like to him after then and now, and he outrightly said, Like pussy na; according to him Pussy tastes like Pussy, unless it’s not good pussy or it’s dirty. From this statement, you can tell that this “Aunty’s” pussy is a good pussy, not surprising that soooo good he uses it as an SI unit for what pussy should be like.

It is not surprising that this same “aunty” gave him his first knacks. Theophilus is definitely a patient man and appreciates the act of learning the process and growing through the ranks, this can also be noticed in his auto mechanic rise from “Boy” to “Oga”.

Theophilus learnt so well with this “Aunty” that they became sex partners as he grew older.

Oga Theophilus shared with us in one of our beer parlor discussions of his first real sex and how he came out of it sweating profusely, in his words that was the day he realized the sweetest thing after heaven (if it really exists), is good sex. He said and I quote na she fuck me that day.

The day he gave us this gist was one of our high drinking Saturday nights, we had gone an average of 3 bottles round (and still counting) with pepper soup flowing.

He describes this “Aunty” as a dark ebony beauty, a proper definition of Ibom Beauty; with an average height of around 5”6, thick thighs with round ass, and moderate perky boobs to match, soft, firm, and succulent body.

It was a cold afternoon since it was rainy all through the night and morning, most people in the compound had gone to work, and just the kids and unemployed were left.

“Aunty” was in the university, but during this period universities were on strike; like every other day, Theophilus casually went to see “Aunty”, since all his peers were young and naive, no one knew what was actually going on, by this time Theophilus was in Secondary School, and in his early puberty.

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On this day, she asked him if he knows what a pussy is, sharp guy Theophilus said Yes na, na vigina be that, she then asked if apart from using his mouth to feel it, if his dick has actually had the feeling of a pussy, and he said NO!. 

She then explained to him that the feel of pussy on a dick is way better than the hand job she has been giving him, this made Theophilus all excited.

She then proceeded to gradually rub his dick area, let it be known that Theophilus gets hard easily, so it didn’t take long for him to get hard in his shorts.

“Aunty” then proceeded to unzip his shorts and bring out his hard black curvy dick. 

“Aunty” was obviously very horny on this day, very understandable cos it’s been cold all night till that afternoon, and her university boyfriend or bestie was no-where around because of the strike.

Theophilus said when she brought out his dick she said make I give you something nice this afternoon, she then proceeded to put her thick chunky lips on his dick and that was the beginning of his head receiving journey, he had just graduated from being just a giver and he hasn’t shied at receiving blowjobs at any opportunity since then.

As expected, Theophilus came easily from the blowjob, it was his first time to experience such a wonderful sexual feeling, that aunty sabi use mouth fuck abeg he said, she was able to combine her thick lips and tongue perfectly, his dick kept having the tingling feeling and it was like his soul left his body at some point, his head was moving fast between heavy and light. He said, she kept taking in the dick like she wanted to swallow it or her life depended on it, and even when he wanted to cum, she didn’t stop, in fact, she went deeper and allowed Theophilus cum into her mouth. As expected, Theophilus was washed and drained, it was the first time he had such an orgasm, and the highest he had cum ever.

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She gave him some time to relax and get himself together before the main event.

Since she had more experience, she took charge of the event, she was the host, planner, and MC, all in one.

Theophilus recalls she told him to just relax while she did her thing. Theophilus laying on her small bed with his dick very hard, she got on top and allowed her wet creamy pussy to slide gently over his young awesome dick, as she moaned with great and intense pleasure. In Theophilus’ words, I look up, ask God, shey na me be this, he recalls the pussy felt very warm and slippery, every form of cold he felt instantly vanished. She rode him so good his dick was breathing and exhaling in her pussy.

Cos he was a novice and didn’t know how to control his sexual release yet, she did him the favor of not going too fast, he claims it felt like she was massaging his dick as she went slow and gently.

Out of curiosity, I asked what his best moment was during the whole sexual experience, in his exact words, he said na when she climb me, come turn her yansh for my face, na that day I know say na yansh go finish me. He claims the reverse cowgirl position was his best moment, watching her round ass bounce and jiggle all over while she rode him gently must have been an awesome experience for a newbie. He claims, that single moment made him an ass man, and it’s why his favourite position is reverse cowgirl and doggy, he just loves seeing the ass.

After cumming about 3 times in quick succession, Oga Theophilus became a man, moving from Hand Jobs to Giving Head, and now Receiving Head and actually fucking.

After all was said and done, Theophilus said he woke up with malaria the next day, he had burnt so much energy and calories like never before, only he and “Aunty” knew the real cause of his malaria. But hey, it’s what it is, this didn’t stop my guy Theo from going back to “Aunty” for more, and he never looked back on giving and taking good knacks since then.


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