Oga Theophilus: The Area Mechanic – EP2 (Welcome to Lagos)

As soon as the door of the car was closed, Toyin immediately unzipped Theophilus’ trousers, brought out his huge dick and straight into her mouth, Theophilus moaned and took a deep breath as he felt the warmth of her mouth on his hard black dick.

Theophilus had spent a few months in Lagos as an apprentice mechanic, which is commonly known as “Boy” in the Nigerian Apprentice world.

He was gradually getting comfortable in Lagos, after spending all his life in Akwa Ibom, one major skill Theo obviously lacked to survive the Lagos street was understanding and speaking Yoruba, so coming up with a nickname for him was very easy, he was known and called JJC, a name he obviously didn’t like, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Theophilus may have been a JJC in a lot of things about Lagos, but one thing Theophilus didn’t need to learn was how to woo a Lagos babe, he had it in him, remember he started his sex journey pretty early.

If you are familiar with the Lagos workshop scene, there are always vendors for different things, food, herbs, snacks, drinks, phone accessories, just name it. Among all these vendors, there is always a female vendor that loves sex more than the goods she is selling, she is willing to sacrifice anything for a good round of sex at any location and place, just name it, and there is always a guy that matches this energy; for some reasons, this pair usually identify themselves like a match made from heaven.

Most evenings towards the close of business, this herbal drink seller usually comes around, it was a good time for everyone in the workshop to have good jokes while they consume this herbal drink with an alcohol base. Most times Theophilus is usually on his own because he didn’t understand most things that were being said.
On this fateful day, the herbal drink seller was accompanied by her daughter which happens occasionally. Theophilus as usual was on his own when he was called to come join them in the merry, he reluctantly got up, on joining up he noticed this beautiful lady in her early twenties, there were in the same age bracket.

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She offered him a cup of herbal drink, then proceeded to ask for his name which he was more than happy to share, he also asked for hers, she replied “Toyin”. At this point there was a good eye connection, and both of them knew something was brewing. Toyin started coming around more than often, her and Theophilus gradually became close and would often crack jokes between themselves whenever they could.

As time went by, they started meeting in dark corners like street lovers will do, just sit, talk, hold themselves, and light smush.

Unlike “Aunty”, Theophilus’ previous sex partner, Toyin was neither thick nor had a fat ass.

Toyin was slim with a thin waist, a decent amount of ass, and perky boobs, she was a petite young lady.

On this cold harmattan night, Toyin and Theophilus met up as they would normally do. Theophilus had requested Toyin come along with the herbal drink he usually takes for back pains which he gets from his job as a mechanic, unknown to him, Toyin had other plans. If you are familiar with herbal drinks, you will know there are levels to those drinks, and each drink has its function. Toyin wanted more than smushing that night, she wanted to feel Theophilus’ warm dick in her, she wanted his spanner to work on her.

She gave Theophilus the drink as soon as they met, and she mentioned “this one different ooo”. In no time, Theophilus started feeling the difference, coupled with the coolness of the harmattan, he started becoming horny; Theophilus was as hard as a horse. Toyin noticed the huge bulge from his trousers, she gently rubbed his bulging trousers and whispered into his ears “you like the am abi”, Theophilus nodded in affirmation as he smiled sheepishly. He pointed to a car in the workshop with tinted windows, they both sneaked into the car and made sure no one noticed. As soon as the door of the car was closed, Toyin immediately unzipped Theophilus’ trousers, brought out his huge dick, and straight into her mouth, Theophilus moaned and took a deep breath as he felt the warmth of her mouth on his hard black dick. She gobbled the dick like a delicious meal, for her age she was quite a pro in blowjobs, she comfortably moved her tongue from the tip all the way to the balls without spilling saliva. Theophilus held the back of her head and pushed it all the way down, Toyin had a deep throat to take it all, she went all deep, made sure every part of her mouth felt the dick.

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When she was fully satisfied with the dick and sure she had made it hard enough, she gently lifted her skirt and smoothly slid her wet pussy over his hard long dick, her legs shook in deep sensation as the dick went all in, she looked at Theophilus in the eye and smiled. With her thin waist laced with 3 lovely beads, she rode the dick like an experienced cow-girl that she is.

Her pussy dripped all over his dick as she moaned and sighed in great pleasure.

Theophilus took off her top and it was no surprise she wasn’t wearing a bra that night, he gently sucked on her perky boobs and hard nipples, she grabbed Theophilus’ head towards her boobs and made him suck it harder.

Toyin then requested to be laid on the seat of the car, wanted him to go all missionary on her, she wanted to feel the entire dick pounding hard on her pussy.

Theophilus proceeded to first eat the pussy, before putting his hard long rod in, her legs trembled in great pleasure as his tongue robbed over her clits, he sucked, leaked, and ate the pussy till he was sure it was wet and dripping to take his dick. He then proceeded to slide his dick in without rush, she held onto him tightly as she scratched his back. Theophilus kissed and bit her ear all the way to her neck as he pounded her nice and hard. The pounding was so good, Toyin couldn’t hold back, she moved her waist and wined it nicely so that the walls of her pussy felt the veins from his dick. 

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It was such steamy sex, the entire car was hot, the mixture of sweat and the juice from Toyin’s vagina made Theophilus’ penis move smoothly as he pounded her heavily, his dick was so deep in her she breathed heavily at intervals.

Theophilus couldn’t hold back his cum, as he withdrew his dick and came all over Toyin, there was a big splash of sperm all over her boobs and stomach region; with his eyes closed, he moaned and panted heavily as he released his load all over her. It was no surprise he had that much sperm in him, it was his first sex in Lagos, and had survived several weeks with just masturbation now and then.

Toyin cleaned off with Theophilus’ singlet, they both got dressed, spent a few minutes in the car to catch their breath before they sneaked out and found their different ways home.

That was the beginning of several magical sexual experiences between them, Theophilus mentioned that Toyin was so kinky and he tried a lot of new things with her, she was very open to exploring, and he wasn’t also shy of new sexual experiences. Both of them had an awesome thing going on until her mother knew about it, and they had to put a stop to it.

Theophilus fondly remembers Toyin and the one who officially welcomed him to Lagos, in his exact words he said “Toyin na my barbie that year, na she show me Lagos”.


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