Oga Theophilus: The Area Mechanic – EP3 (Strip Club Escapade)

Theophilus fucked Beatrice hard and pounded the life out of her while she rubbed her clit. Looking at Theophilus straight in the eye, she squirted all over, the pressure was so much it pushed Theophilus’ dick out of her pussy; as soon as the gushing stopped, Theophilus put his dick back immediately and continued pounding her.

By now, some of you will be wondering how I got to know Theophilus and how we became friends.

I met Theophilus through a friend, my previous mechanic had been a pain in my ass, so my friend referred Theophilus to me, and since then he has been very reliable. He isn’t only my mechanic again, we are now good friends. A couple of times, Theophilus and I have shared a table, had a few drinks, and eaten together.

Theophilus finished servicing my car late on this day, and we went to have a few drinks. Theophilus is one guy I can easily share my problem with, he is so experienced after spending so many years on the street, so I really rate and trust his judgment.

After a good amount of beer, nkwobi, and pepper soup, I popped it to my good friend that I will like to visit the Strip Club that was a few minutes away, I suddenly noticed the way his face lit up as soon as I mentioned the strip club, and he couldn’t resist telling me he will like to go.

On getting to the strip club, I warned my dear friend to behave himself and control his sexual desires, but there is only so much we can do to tame our inner animal.

In no time Theophilus spotted a stripper he liked, she was also one of my favorites. She is really good at having conversations, smells nice, and has a nice body; both of us were pretty cool but never got down, her name is Beatrice.

She and Theophilus started to have a good chat, she mentioned her telling me that she was the wild type but I wasn’t ready to experience her wildness, I shrugged it off and asked my friend if he liked her and will like to have anything to do with her; Theophilus nodded in excitement and asked: “oga, I fit fuck am?”. 

I personally wanted more, and this strip club also had a hotel, so I asked this babe if she had another friend that was as wild as she was, and will like to go back with us to our hotel room, “of course” she said as she winked at me.

I told her to go get her friend while I go book a room, she smiled at me as she walked away. On getting back to the club, she was all over Theophilus, giving him a nice lap dance; her friend came over to me, a dark Cameroonian hottie, with very nice skin and banging body to match, I knew it was about to be a fucken awesome night. She introduced herself as Sophia, she asked if I wanted a lap dance too before we go to the room, I told her I rather wait cos I wanted more, I wanted to have a full porn experience.

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The room was a suite, enough to accommodate 4 people, I took a nice sitting position and asked my Cameroonian hottie to give me a good lap dance, she walked sexually towards me, this made me have a lot of imagination and I got hard in no time. With the nice gold waist chain she had on, she wined her waist all over my dick area like she was riding a rodeo, she was so good with her lap dance it made me so calm and relaxed. I made a wink to Beatrice and told her to come over, she came close, grabbed Sophia’s ass, and kissed it. In no time both of them started touching and kissing themselves, my excitement level immediately went high, I had to take a bit of whiskey to calm it down. 

So as not to bore my good friend Theophilus, I got off the bed, to let both of them do their thing. Theophilus and I sat in total excitement as we watched these two hot, nasty and wild babes fuck themselves. Beatrice was definitely as wild as she had always told me. She ate Sophia’s pussy like she was starving and could only survive on pussy, she had a tongue piercing and it definitely did damage to Sophia. Sophia’s legs were really shaking as she moaned loudly, I was very sure anyone walking past our room would have heard the moaning. After cumming multiple times, Sophia requested a break for her to catch her breath, as she lay in bed, Beatrice wasn’t patient enough for her to fully recover; she got her fat ass on Sophia’s face, and Sophia took all of it graciously. I thought Beatrice was good with her pussy eating skills, but Sophia was on another level, she sucked the pussy soo good Theophilus and I could see it dripping. Beatrice gasped for breath at intervals as she grabbed her boobs tightly.

I looked sideways to have a look at Theophilus and I noticed he was lost in a world of excitement, he was smiling sheepishly. Sophia kept sucking this pussy and ate it so well before we knew what was happening, there was a huge splash, Beatrice had squirted all over the place, not considering there was someone’s face right under, and to be honest, Sophia didn’t seem bothered.

At this point, I had have enough and it was time for me to head home, I left when the ladies were showering and I asked Theophilus if he would like to stay with them and use the remaining voucher; to be honest, I didn’t expect him to say no, and he didn’t disappoint, he was excited to stay back as long as he didn’t have to pay extra, I told him all had been sorted out and the girls were nice, they will take good care of him.

I left knowing I will get a full low down of how the night went later on. The next day I messaged Theophilus to ask if he was fine, he simply responded with oga am tired, I dey sleep”; this made me know my guy had an awesome night and he was knackered.

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I was so anxious to hear the full gist, so I drove to his house later in the evening and dragged him to the nearest bar. To start this sweet gist, he said “Brooooss, OMO!!! Those babes sabi suck dick die…”

He said, apparently they got into the bathroom and were touching themselves during the shower, he wanted to go take a pee, cos he was tipsy he walked in without knocking. On seeing him, both of them smiled at him and he smiled back. He sat on the toilet seat while he told them to continue touching themselves and he didn’t mean to interrupt. As they were both kissing, touching, and smooshing themselves, he brought out his dick and started stroking it cos he was so hard. Sophia was the first to come for the dick. She stroked it gently while Beatrice leaked her clits.  After stroking it for a while and she was soooo horny, she decided to use her mouth to continue the magic and made sure the dick was soooo hard for any one of them to have an easy slide on.

After a couple of minutes in the restroom, they all went back into the room, 3 of them were horny as fuck, and Beatrice couldn’t wait to have the dick. While Theophilus was trying to get fully undressed, she knelt in front of him and sucked the cap of his hard dick with her pierced tongue. Theophilus said he felt an instant sensation all the way to his head, in his exact word “e b like say electric shock me”; he wanted to stop the gist at this point, but I was too excited to hear the full gist, so I persuaded him and got another bottle for him. He then continued, that was the first time he got a blowjob from a lady with a tongue piercing, and he loved every bit of it. 

While Beatrice was giving Theophilius the blowjob of his life, Sophia joined by sucking out his soul through his balls; he said at this point he was gone and it felt like he was in another realm. They both swapped his dick, he was so hard his veins were popping like they will tear the flesh off his dick. While Sophia was doing her thing with the dick, Beatrice went ahead to eat her ass and pussy which was popped out in a doggy position, he said at a point Sophia held onto his dick and didn’t want to let it go, it was then he knew she really needed to be fucked with his black long “spanner”.

While Sophia’s ass was still in the doggy position, Beatrice made her pussy wet and gently slid Theophilus’ dick in, with full penetration, Sophia gasped with great sensation, and moaned heavily. Theophilus was sure he was hitting the right spot and hitting it hard, Beatrice was also rubbing her clit, Sophia at this point was gone and literally left her life in their hands; after a good amount of stroking the inner and outer part of her pussy, Sophia succumbed and squirt all over Beatrice palm and Theophilus’ dick. Theophilus said, after the squirt, she was motionless with heavy breathing for a while.

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Beatrice knew Sophia was fine and she spent no time hopping on Theophilus’ dick, she wanted to have a feel of his black rod, pushed him to lay on the bed so she could ride him. Theophilus made her do the reverse cowgirl, which is his favorite position, he wanted to see her fat and firm ass wiggle and jiggle all over his face and she didn’t disappoint. 

I am not sure anyone will expect a stripper should be bad at riding, and she rode the dick so well, Theophilus claims her riding game is sooo tight.

Theophilus decided to flex his muscle, he lifted her like an engine block and fucked her while standing, Beatrice held on to him tightly as her fat ass bounced all over. Theophilus said “I just dey hear por por por por”.

He then dropped her on the bed and went missionary, he could feel the walls of her pussy rubbing and suck in his dick. Theophilus fucked Beatrice hard and pounded the life out of her while she rubbed her clit. Looking at Theophilus straight in the eye, she squirted all over, the pressure was so much it pushed Theophilus’ dick out of her pussy; as soon as the gushing stopped, Theophilus put his dick back immediately and continued pounding her. Beatrice moaned heavily and grabbed Theophilus close to her while she pinned him down with her crossed legs, she wanted all the dick in her, she wanted to feel it in her womb. Theophilus pounded the pussy and drilled it all the way down. The pussy was so wet and juicy, Theophilus’ dick couldn’t withstand the sweetness, he came heavily; while his dick was releasing sperm, his legs were really shaking, and he gasped for breath.

After cleaning up, Theophilus decided to feel like a pimp, he slept off between both of them, while they laid on his chest; he claims he woke up feeling on top of the world, I honestly don’t blame him if he felt that way, because from what he experienced most men (if not all) will feel fulfilled and achieved.

I just hope Theophilus didn’t go back to the strip club after then.


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