Oga Theophilus: The Area Mechanic – EP4 (Madame Patience the HR)

She then told him to gradually insert the anal plug  and requested he sucked her again. She wanted to feel his tongue in her pussy while her ass hole was plugged. Theophilus decided to give her a very special pussy licking, in no time Madame Patience was vibrating all over as her pussy dripped, she moaned and cried like she needed help, but she didn’t want him to stop. Theophilus sucked her so good till she begged passionately for his dick, he said it felt like she wanted to break the cuff and get his dick in her pussy but she was helpless.

I will start this episode by calling out the HR of where I used to work, “Madame Patience you no show love ooo”. I always thought this woman really cared about me, and we were cool until she gave the cookie to Theophilus instead of me. I can understand office romance and all the stories about it in the company handbook, but Madame Patience should have known I am a top “guy-man”, and I am very coded, but e dey alright.

If you have watched enough MILF porn, then you will have an understanding of who a perfect MILF is, and trust me Madame Patience is pretty close; she was in her early 40s, with fleshy thick thighs, a mature ass with firm boobs.

We call her Madame cos she behaves like one, friendly when she needs to be and stern at the right time.

From the first day she interviewed me for my role in the company, I had always fantasized about her, and I always thought if she ever shoot her shot at me, I would say Yes before she even completes the sentence; Very beautiful woman.

Her kids were in a boarding school and her husband wasn’t around most of the time, so I always wondered how she coped with being alone and how she survived being horny. Anyways, I don’t need to wonder anymore, I have my answer and it is no other person than THEOPHILUS!.

Madame Patience and I were pretty close at work, so it was very easy for her to ask me for a mechanic recommendation when she needed to dump her old mechanic; I recommended no other person than Theophilus my friend, I was sure he wouldn’t disappoint, and to be honest, he really didn’t disappoint because he didn’t only work on her car, he also worked on her; while his metal spanner was tightening the nuts in her car, his fleshy spanner was loosening her pussy.

I can tell you for a fact that Theophilus enjoyed it, only if I was the one between those thick thighs.

One day after work, her car didn’t come on, so I called Theophilus to come over and have a look at it, in no time he was around, he did a few things and the car came on, but wasn’t safe for her to drive home late in the evening since the car was patched to start. Theophilus offered to drive her home since it was also our route home while I drove behind them just in case something happened along the way.

Unknown to me while I was sweating it out in traffic, my guy’s dick was sweating in his pants.

If you remember from the first episode, I mentioned, not only was Theophilus good looking, his charm was his kindness and smile, and I am sure that’s what made Madame Patience interested in him.

She sat in the front seat on the way home, she was wearing a pretty tight skirt, slightly above the knee while standing, Madame Patience liked showing off her sweet and nice body curve and shape. She was a very good-looking Owerri babe, with light flawless skin. I always wondered what the color of her nipples will be.

While Theophilus was driving her, he got a glimpse of her thick fresh laps, and he totally lost it. Suddenly his dick took full control of his brain and he got so hard. Madame Patience noticed and smiled at him, she then said “something dey rise for your leg”, Theophilus smiled with embarrassment written all over his face; she then asked, “you dey think of your girlfriend?”, Theophilus smiled and said “I no get girlfriend ma”, Madame Patience then asked again “wetin come dey make your penis hard?”, uncontrollably Theophilus looked at her thighs and smiled. Madame Patience got it, Theophilus was drooling over her thick thigh instead of paying proper concentration on the road.

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Madame Theophilus proceeded to put her hand on his hard dick and rubbed it gently while still in his trousers, Theophilus said he smiled uncontrollably while he tried to focus fully on the road. The windows of the car were tinted, and by now it was getting dark, so it allowed for enough sexual activities.

Madame Patience gently rubbed his dick while she had her second hand between her thighs, she then spread her legs and gently stroked her pussy through her panties. This continued for a while until they were almost home. She then asked Theophilus if he will like to spend the night with her, Theophilus nodded and said “Yes Madame”, but reminded her I was right behind them and he needed to follow me home; Madame Patience responded to him by saying “you know wetin you fit do as guy”, in a very seductive voice and tone.

After parking her car, Theophilus joined me to head back to our area, unknown to me, Theophilus immediately took the next bus back to Madame Patience and called to inform her that he was on his way. Madame Patience immediately sent the address of a hotel she booked for them, including the room number.

On getting to the hotel, Theophilus knocked on the door with a level of excitement, and his excitement got higher when Madame Patience welcomed him with a hug and grabbed his bulging dick,

Theophilus went to have a shower so he could be fresh for the task ahead, on getting back to the room with just a white towel around his waist, Madame Patience was putting on just black lingerie while she smoked her kush. The whole room was smokey, the black lingerie popped and looked very sexy on her glowing yellow skin under the blue light.

Theophilus’ meaty black dick couldn’t wait to get out, he was so hard, his dick made the towel fall off. On spotting the Big Black Dick, Madame Patience crawled on the bed towards his hard dark and gently sucked it into her mouth, she gave a sigh of satisfaction to affirm that she had been waiting for such a nice dick. While she sucked the dick, she looked at Theophilus and gave him a wink of affirmation and satisfaction, and he smiled back, they both smiled and giggled at each other and got back to the task at hand. 

While I was sleeping all alone that night, my mechanic and HR were fucking themselves, not sure I cant still forgive these two for this act.

Madame Patience sucked and took in the entire dick, she made sure her tongue felt all the veins on his dick, she sucked and took in his dick and gobbled on them with passion. She got his entire dick wet and slippery with her Saliva. While she sucked the dick with so much passion she also touched her clit and squeezed her boobs, you could tell that she had longed for such a night.

Unknown to Theophilus, he was in for so much surprise that night. She then pulled out her vibrator from under the pillow and used it on herself as she continued sucking the dick; she had one hand on Theophilus’ dick and the other hand had the vibrator on her wet pussy. She moaned as she sucked the pussy. 

Theophilus noticed she needed help with her pussy, got his dick off her mouth, grabbed her by the throat, and landed a peck on her cheek, Madame Patience grabbed the back of his head and directed it towards her boobs. Theophilus witnessed my fantasy in all its glory, he said her nipples are pink and fat, they were hard and meaty and he nibbled on them to his satisfaction. He squeezed and sucked the boobs with so much passion, the combination of the boobs sucking, the vibrator on her clits, and Theophilus’ finger in her pussy, Madame Patience moaned like she was crying. Theophilus wasn’t done yet, he made sure he owned the entirety of her that night, he went all the way down and put his head between her thick, fresh, and yellow laps; he said between her legs was so wet, it felt like she was sweating there. Theophilus used his long pointy tongue to drill her pussy, she loved it so much she dropped the vibrator, grabbed his head, and pushed it all the way in, Theophilus moved the tongue all around the pussy, making sure it touched all the places it could touch; her clit, the inner and outer walls, her vulva, just mention it, Theophilus explored it all with his tongue.

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At this point, Madame Patience was on cloud 9, and in another realm, Theophilus was fully in charge, unknown to her, Theophilus slid in his black meaty spanner, she gave a sexual moan of surprise with a combination of satisfaction, gave a deep breath, then began to ride the dick while Theophilus was pounding her heavily in a missionary position. Theophilus said she kept saying things like “work on matured pussy” “service my wet pussy”.. etc, he said the more she said these things, the harder she rode the dick and whined her waist around the dick, Theophilus also responded nicely by pounding the pussy heavy. He claims he drilled the pussy so well, that you will think he was trying to explore for crude oil.

Unknown to Theophilus, there was more surprise for the night. 

Madame Patience brought out a bondage cuff and asked Theophilus to cuff her hands to her leg in a doggy position, he had never done this before, so he needed a bit of guiding with the cuffing and as a very good HR, Madame Patience took her time to put him through.

When he had cuffed her nicely, with her fair ass arced perfectly and ready to take the dick, Theophilus first planted his tongue on her popping pussy, he then sucked her hard and drilled the pussy with his tongue, with Madame Patience tied up, all she could do was moan and moan heavily. As Theophilus was about to put his dick in, she told him to check under the pillow for an anal plug. Theophilus had never seen it before, by now he wasn’t sure what to expect from under the pillow anymore so he decided to check, lo and behold there were more tools for him to use. Madame Patience was really ready to have a mechanic fix her pussy, she came through with an entire toolbox; there was still a Wand Vibrator which was as big as a microphone as well as a pebble vibrator.

She then told him to gradually insert the anal plug and requested he sucked her again. She wanted to feel his tongue in her pussy while her ass hole was plugged. Theophilus decided to give her a very special pussy licking, in no time Madame Patience was vibrating all over as her pussy dripped, she moaned and cried like she needed help, but she didn’t want him to stop. Theophilus sucked her so good till she begged passionately for his dick, he said it felt like she wanted to break the cuff and get his dick in her pussy but she was helpless. When Theophilus was sure she was at his mercy, he slid his dick in with full force, this time he put it all in at once. She gasped for breath before she started riding the dick in her doggy position, Theophilus said that even with her being cuffed, she rode the dick so well. 

I explained to him it’s what is called Sexual Freedom, she was free and enjoying the entire sexual experience.

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Her pussy was so wet and warm and Theophilus’ heavy pounding made it warmer, as she rode the dick she vibrated at intervals and you could tell she was close to cumming, when she was about to cum, she rode the dick faster and harder, this also made Theophilus ride harder and in no time they both came, Theophilus said in pidgin English that it was magical and he had never experienced cumming at the same time with a lady. 

While he shared this story with me I was so jealous of him, that could have been me; I kept wishing I was the one drilling that pink pussy.

After they both came, they weren’t done for the night, Akwa Ibom boy jam Owerri babe.

They both showered and freshened up, Madame Patience went to the bathroom first, then Theophilus. When Theophilus was done and came out of the bathroom, he met Madame Patience using the big wand vibrator on herself, she wanted more, she wanted to fuck his dick all night. You could tell she had been sex starved for a long time, she wanted to get all the pussy juice out of her.

As she used the Wand, she was smoking her Kush, she told Theophilus to roll one and lit up while he watched her play with herself.

She started talking dirty to Theophilus and told him she wanted to see him stroke himself; while Theophilus stroked himself, Madame Patience used the vibrator on her wet pussy, and they both smoked. The room was all cold, cloudy, and blue, Theophilus’ dick and her pussy were both looking nice and attractive under the blue light. 

Madame Patience was done using the vibrator and watching him stroke himself, she wanted the dick in her. She got off the bed and walked up to Theophilus in a seductive manner, she got his hand off his dick, and with him seated on the chair, she sat on his dick. Theophilus gave a deep breath and held her waist while she rode the dick with great passion.

Theophilus said the riding was so intense, that she switched from Cowgirl to Reverse Cowgirl and back to Cowgirl position before he finally lifted her and dropped her on the bed. She laid with her chest flat on the bed, her fat ass all out; by now Theophilus had known the magic of an anal plug so he oiled her ass hole and gradually slid it in before he slid his dick into her wet slippery pussy, he pounded her so hard she held tight to the bed while her teeth were ripping the bedsheet. ‘Cos he came earlier, this particular round of sex lasted longer. They both fucked and pounded themselves till they got tired, they will take breaks at intervals, have a few puffs of their Kush, and continue, it was a battle of the fittest.

Theophilus said they had up to 3hours of marathon sex and it was intense, his dick finally succumbed and came all over her ass. After he came Madame Patience didn’t stop there, with the sperm still on her ass and a few around his dick, she turned over and sucked the remaining sperm off his dick, he claims this lasted for a few minutes and she was the one that decided they were done for the night.

Madame Theophilus showered and left the hotel when they were done because she still had to be at work that morning, but she promised Theophilus they would see each other again.

Theophilus confessed to me that sometimes she would call during work hours, for them to meet at a hotel for quickies. Both of the enjoyed numerous sex escapades with themselves for several months till Madame Patience moved on to another pussy driller.

Theophilus claims he would still love to fuck her anytime, but unfortunately she doesn’t call again.


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