Oga Theophilus: The Area Mechanic – EP5 (Okafor’s Law)

Theophilus fucked her heavily and literally banged her pussy from behind while he smacked her ass at intervals, she moaned heavily, she loved what she made; the dick she groomed was back to torture her pussy, it had grown bigger and better from where she left.

If Okafor’s Law is applicable or not remains debatable. One thing I am sure of is that it worked for Theophilus.

Theophilus traveled to Uyo as he will normally do for every Christmas and New Year celebrations, the only difference this time is that, for the first time since he left home, he is going as a Boss; he had just gotten his freedom as a Mechanic so his family decided to celebrate it in their own little way.

Theophilus expected some things at his party, such as enough food and drinks to go around, and having fun with his childhood friends till late into the night, one thing he didn’t expect is meeting “Aunty”.

Aunty introduced Theophilus to the sex life, she thought Theophilus all the basics he knows about sex.

If you want to know more about “Aunty”, click here to read the first episode.

Theophilus had become a big boy now, and Aunty had become thicker also, the ass Theophilus loved was more fleshy and the sweet thicks thighs had grown bigger.

Theophilus’ parents invited her since she was in town and she joyfully accepted the invitation considering she had a closeness with Theophilus. On sighting her at the party, Theophilus immediately got up from where he was and they exchanged casual pleasantries.

As the evening got dark with alcohol flowing and the right amount of music, everyone was in a very good mood, in the proper Nigerian term “They were grooving”. Theophilus and Aunty kept exchanging eye contact and made sure they kept it cool so no one notices there was sexual tension between them; but as I said earlier in one of the episodes, there is only so much we can do to tame our inner animal. Theophilus was like “Fuck it”, and he went to sit next to her, they got talking and started to exchange bants. Theophilus commented on her thick thighs and how it reminds him of the past, Aunty simply giggled and mentioned jokingly that she is now engaged and her fiance is based in Abuja where she stays now; Theophilus responded by saying “but him no dey here now”. 

They both talked for a while, ignoring everyone else at the party, they started to get touchy and things got heated; Aunty mentioned “You be big boy now, hope say your penis too dey big”, Theophilus replied and said “Lagos girls dey enjoy am”, she placed her hand on her his zip area and said, ”make  I feel am”, and they both smiled.

Since it was getting late and Aunty wanted to leave, they exchanged numbers and decided to continue the conversation on Whatsapp, they also agreed to see before they both left Uyo.

Later in the night, they got chatting on Whatsapp, Theophilus mentioned how he got slightly hard when she touched his zip area, and it reminded him of the first hand-job she gave him.

He said he has been waiting for the opportunity to meet her in Uyo and he was happy she came around this year. Aunty also mentioned how she was hoping to see him and she was glad his parents invited her to the party. The chat got intense and they both agreed to meet the next day. Theophilus placed a call to book a hotel room immediately and sent the details to her. 

Next day!

Theophilus got to the hotel before Aunty, he also brought along one of their favorite herbal bitters drink. Both of them had agreed to have a steamy rump since it could be the last before Aunty gets married.

As soon as she got to the hotel, Theophilus wasted no time in squeezing that ass he had always loved, he fantasized all through the night about the ass. As he grabbed and squeezed, Aunty whispered into his ear “You like am abi?”, Theophilus kissed her neck in affirmation. They smooshed and kissed for a while before they decided to increase the temperature of the sexual heat, they poured themselves a few shots of bitters and sipped it as they both had different conversations about life and how they are both coping in the big cities. Obviously, this was them trying to buy time for the bitters to kick in, Aunty was the first to feel the effect.

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She walked up to Theophilus, and landed her fat ass on Theophilus’ groin, Theophilus wasted no time, he grabbed her boobs and kissed her neck and ear area all through while she rubbed her ass on his dick.

In no time, Theophilus had gotten her boobs out of her blouse and bra, she smelt really good and this made Theophilus get hornier as she had herself all over him. Theophilus had grown from the novice she knew to a full pro and he handled the boobs with great expertise, he fondled her boobs and sucked her nipples with great passion. 

She had her hands all over Theophilus, she mentioned she had missed having him and she had waited for a long time to have him; Theophilus said no word, but he rather let his action speak for him. As he fondled her boobs and sucked her nipples with great passion, he gently lifted her skirt and put his hands between her thick thighs, it was warm and wet.

He gently shifted her pants and slid his middle finger into her pussy, she moaned heavily as she held his hand and tried to put his finger deeper; Theophilus was in no rush, they had the whole evening and night, he gently rubbed her vulva as he tried to locate her clits with his thumb, while his index finger was playing and thrusting in and out of her pussy. 

Aunty kissed him all over and bit his ears, she knew all his weak points and soft spots, she trained him.

Theophilus then lifted her from his lap and laid her nicely on the bed. With her nice boobs out, and her nipples all hard and perky, Theophilus lifted her skirt, spread her legs, and kissed the inner part of her thigh; he calmly took off her pant and planted his nice tongue on her pussy, Aunty’s legs trembled as soon as her pussy felt his tongue. Theophilus wanted to prove to her that he has become a pro at giving ladies a good blowjob, so he proceeded to give Aunty the head of her life, he said, from the sound of things you could easily tell he was sucking and licking all the juice out of Aunty’s pussy, Theophilus sucked it so good that the more he sucked, the more the juice dripped, it felt like he was drilling the juice out of her pussy with his tongue, he got his tongue as deep as it could go and licked the clit till it was all out.

Aunty moaned heavily as she squeezed her boobs and grabbed his head, she wanted more and didn’t want Theophilus to stop; Theophilus was also in no rush and he took his time to suck the pussy, he said he sucked the pussy so good it lasted for almost an hour, at one time she pushed her entire pussy towards his face like she wanted to choke or suffocate him on it. This didn’t stop my guy, the more she came for the tongue, the harder and deeper he was ready to go. 

When he was sure he had given the best head of his life and was about to slide his hard dick into her wet pussy, Aunty was ready to return the blowjob favor. As soon as he took off his boxers short and his dick was out and hard, Aunty immediately put it in her mouth, she didn’t give him an option, she just wanted to feel the dick she groomed in her mouth, and she handled it like the real owner. She started by depositing a good amount of Saliva on his dick which she gently and sexually leaked off with her tongue, she then gobbled the dick and took it in as deep as she could. 

The way she handled the dick, you could tell she knew everything about it, she knew the most sensitive part of Theophilus’ dick, a couple of times she kept him on the Edge and made sure he didn’t release from the awesome head she was giving him. Theophilus grabbed her head and made sure she had a full dose of the monster she made, Aunty also wanted to have a full dose of the monster she made, groomed, and raised; she made sure her throat and every area of her mouth felt his dick cap.

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When she was satisfied and had enough of his dick in her mouth, she took off her dress sexually, got on the bed, and arched her back nicely in a doggy position.

With her ass and pussy all popping out and her waist bead dangling all over, Theophilus smacked her ass and calmly slid his big hard dick in her wet pink pussy. She loved the feel of his dick in her pussy and she moved her ass towards the huge dick and made sure she took it all in. 

Theophilus fucked her heavily and literally banged her pussy from behind while he smacked her ass at intervals, she moaned heavily, she loved what she made; the dick she groomed was back to torture her pussy, it had grown bigger and better from where she left.

Theophilus drilled and fucked her sweet pussy so hard, his groin area keeps banging on her wide plumpy ass, he wanted to leave a mark and literally write “Theo was here” on her pussy, and Aunty didn’t mind, it could be that last time she sees and felt the dick she loves and wants so much.

When Theophilus was done fucking her in the doggy position and wanted to switch positions, Aunty wasn’t done with the dick in her mouth, she wanted to taste her juicy pussy from his dick. She took the dick all in her mouth like a bar of dripping dark chocolate, she loved it and she wanted it; she moaned as she took it all in, the cap, the ball, and her tongue felt the entire veins on his dick. Theophilus couldn’t hold back as he moaned like a warrior, deep and heavy, and he grabbed the back of her head wanting her to feast on his huge black dick; simultaneously Aunty played with her pussy and rubbed her clits, she made sure they never went dry.

When she was filled and satisfied with the dick, she laid her back on the bed, lifted her legs, and put them together, her pussy popped out between her closed thighs, she made it tight enough so she could feel the entirety of his dick on her pussy walls; she wanted her pussy walls to feel the vein and cap of his dick. Her pussy didn’t need lubricant, it was wet, slippery, and juicy, and Theophilus went in with a bang, he said it made a Pop sound like he burst a bubble on his way in, it was the juice of her pussy that gave that effect. Again Theophilus pounded and banged Aunty’s pussy like the real owner, he took total control; he held her legs in the air and later put them on his shoulder, all you could hear was heavy moaning from both of them, and “Tah Tah Tah”, even in the chilled AC, they were both sweating heavily. I can imagine how Theophilus would have banged that sweet pussy between those thighs, an aggressive mechanic with a very sensual touch.

Everything is “Engine Block” to Theophilus, in no time he lifted her off the bed, pinned her to the wall, and with both of them standing, he lifted one of her legs and placed it on the stool beside them so that there will be enough space for his dick to get in between her thighs.

Theophilus pinned her to the wall and banged her life out of her body with no manners;  Aunty moaned, held Theophilus tight as she leaned her back to the wall like she wanted to go through the wall, the dick made her confused about what to do, but she definitely didn’t want the huge dick out of her. Theophilus whispered sweet and dirty words into her ear and this made her drip more and go harder on the dick, her beautiful set of beads lined her waist perfectly and dangled all over as she swirled her waist so her pussy can have a good feel of the dick.

If you think that was the end of the steamy sex, you are joking because they just got started, that’s what good herbal drinks do to you. They had all the evening and night to themselves and they were not in a hurry to cum

Theophilus pulled her out of the wall and dumped her on the bed like a sack of fresh potatoes, he spread her legs, planted his tongue on her pussy, and drilled it with his tongue again, he could taste his dick mixed with her pussy juice, he took it all like a cocktail. Her legs shook uncontrollably, her body shivered in great pleasure, saliva had gone dry in her mouth, she needed to catch her breath, but Theophilus wasn’t giving her such luxury, he took her to the moon and back with his tongue. She grabbed his head and scratched it intensely, she bit the bedsheet like she wanted to tear it; she was sexually confused and lost in the world.

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When Theophilus was done drinking the pussy cocktail, he gently slid in the cap of his dick, she moaned heavily as she felt the cap in her, then Theophilus went in with a bang, he drilled her pussy and went in with the entire dick, aggressive but sensual. He fucked her so good and made missionary hardcore, with the Diamond ring on her finger she pulled Theophilus’ waist and ass area close to her, she wanted it all. Her juice was all over his dick, his dick kept recycling the juice, the more he brought out, the more he put in. He fucked and fucked her, she couldn’t hold on anymore and just squirt all over. The pressure of the squirt was too much for Theophilus’ dick to handle so it pushed it out of her pussy, immediately the gushing stopped, but still dripping, Theophilus put his dick back in immediately, his entire dick was wet with Squirt. Aunty laid in the bed motionless, with a slight moaning sound, she held on to a pillow and bedsheet with so much force and passion.

Theophilus wasn’t ready to cum yet, so he took a break when he realized he could cum soon, this also gave Aunty some time to recover. When they were both rested, Aunty decided to ride Theophilus, she knew he loved the reverse cowgirl position, but she started with cow-girl. She twisted her nice waist and rode his dick nicely, Theophilus grabbed her moderately sized full boobs and sucked her hard perky nipples, she was in control and loved having the dick in her. Theophilus moaned in a deep voice as he grabbed her waist and controlled it while she rode it, she then switched things up and went for the reverse cowgirl position. Her ass was all over Theophilus’ face, just the way he loved them, just like the good old days, he grabbed and smacked her ass while she rode him with great passion, the harder he smacked, the harder she rode. Theophilus lifted his groin area with his ass slightly away from the bed, Aunty felt the full penetration of his dick in her pussy, it was hitting all the right spots; she rode hard and hard, the dick was all hers.

Only very few men would survive such a massive onslaught on their dick and Theophilus was definitely not part of these few men, in no time he came all in her, his leg stretched like someone that had an epileptic attack while he grabbed and looked at he fat ass with great passion, he offloaded all his sperm into her, because she was top of him the sperm dripped out and back on his dick. Aunty got her pussy off his dick, got her mouth on his dick, and licked off all the sperm on it; she licked it dry and clean. 

She looked at Theophilus smiled and proceeded to the bathroom to clean up, Theophilus got off the bed also and joined her in the bathroom. On getting to the bathroom, Aunty asked Theophilus “You want more?”, He nodded and smiled, and that was the beginning of another round of heated sex, the venue for this was in the bathroom; whatever happened in the bathroom stayed in the bathroom and I don’t have that side of the story.

If it was the last time they had sex, Theophilus will never tell me, but I am sure with time I will find out.



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