Rain Sex (Part 1)

The strong smell of rain that wafted across my nostrils coupled with the splattering of rainwater on my window pane causing little rain water to splash onto my bed through the netted side of the window woke me up. I quickly stretched out my left arm to shut the window completely while my right arm was still over Eshiet’s unclad body. I noticed it was day-break but for the cloudy effects of the rains. When I tried to move away from her to get off the bed, she held my arm and snuggled closer to me in the spooning position we were lying in, letting out some incomprehensible words as it was clear she was still lost in sleep. I wanted to go out and take a bath in the rains defying the cold because I have a rain fetish. (We both have but I guess she would be too tired from the night before) I just cannot stop playing, soaping my body, and dancing in the rain if I had the privacy to indulge. 

 “Shey you wan leave only me for dis cold wey dey do me linga linga lin for inside ma body so? Where you even think say u dey go self?” Eshiet said when I tried taking my arm away from her unclad body which was beneath the duvet. 

Now, let me get into how I met Eshiet. Eshiet was a Niger-Delta working-class babe that I usually met at two or more nightclubs on occasions. We got so comfortable with each other that we use mostly only pidgin English with each other. The first time we met was on a drizzly Thursday night during one of Femi Kuti’s rehearsal nights at the African Shrine in Ikeja. It was around 1 am and I was already tired of Afrobeat and felt the need to change venue to a nightclub where I could rock hard with dance tracks so I went to my car to drive away when what my eyes met assaulted my senses and got my feet stuck to the ground.

 My car was parked close to a gutter on one side of the street filled with night crawlers like me in a secluded area from the crowd. One cannot miss the constant smell of hard drugs that pervaded the entire street just as the one emanating strongly from the driver’s side of my car when I was about to open my car door. This caught my attention and I looked around to satisfy my curiosity because I was hearing some soft moans. I noticed it was coming from the car behind mine but it was the wind that blew both the smell and sound to the direction I thought it came from. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me or I was too high on pot and spirits that I had consumed. 

I saw a lady unclad but for the red gown just around her mid-riff was sitting on the pavements of the gutter facing the car behind mine ( these were the only cars parked far down from the crowd ) smoking pot with her legs wide open and her gown up her hips leaving her pink pussy a little visible under the street lights as she drenched her self in the drizzle. She was licking her moist fingers when my eyes first made contact with her. She was oblivious to my stare as it was obvious she was lost in the pleasure she gives herself. It was a very sensuous sight to behold. I instinctively knew where those moist fingers had come from. I was not disappointed because she slid her middle and index finger inside her pussy again and furiously finger-plugging herself while alternatively rubbing her thumb on her swollen clit. She used her lips to hold the pot she was smoking freeing her right hand so that she could caress, squeeze and pinch her taut nips which were also bare. She arched her pussy forward so that the drizzle caressed her clit. The scene was becoming more erotically intense for me to bear when I realized I must have spent more than fifteen minutes watching the live porn movie enacted before me. I was a little drenched by now and had developed a very disturbing erection. That was not only what disturbed me. I realized we both had the same fetish – rain.

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This was when I found the voice to speak and had by now walked so close to her but she hadn’t noticed.  Towering above her, “Sweetness, you care for this”, showing her my erect manhood which I had let loose from my pants and had the light showers dribble on it. She jolted up with shock as she was in the middle of an orgasm when I rudely interrupted.

“Hey dude”, she managed to say, forcing a flushed smile obvious she was caught in the middle of embarrassment and sexual excitement but she quickly regain composure when she realized I was also in such an awkward state of undress. She didn’t take her eyes off my cock glistening with the light rain showers. She was still shaking from her cut-short orgasm which was to be the second I noticed and I could see she was rearing to go on. I needed no encouragement. I pushed my cock close to her lips (by now she had finished her pot), rubbed the cap of my cock around her lips and jaws sensually, and with the cap of my cock nudged her lips open. Still, in the daze of an interrupted orgasm, she welcomed my cock with little resistance and sucked on it like a lollipop. She licked the entire length of the underside of my huge shaft while looking seductively into my eyes. Her left fingers were obviously still working her opiotus because moans of pleasure escaped her lips in between her sucking job on my cock which mingled with my soft groans of pleasure to produce a harmonious erotic rhythm. Our act was so brazen but no one would have noticed because everyone had run for shelter. 

Next, I jumped into the gutter spread her legs open wide, and lapped at her entire vulva from clit to the area between her arse hole and pussy. I repeated the movements ten times and had her legs quivering. She grabbed my head. “Aaaahhhh ooouuummm!” She had a mini orgasm. She flinched when my tongue lightly circled her sensitive clit in an anti-clockwise motion which I repeated nine times then switched to circling her clit with my tongue in a clockwise motion. I was careful not to suck directly on her clit yet. Her opiotus was literally leaking cunt juice which smeared my entire jaw. I inserted a finger then two then three till she begged “pls fuck me harder, pls, I’m about to cum. I’m cumming!” She kept screaming. I knew she was on edge so I grabbed her clit in my mouth, sucked, bite lightly, and pulled with my lips till she shuddered and screamed out her climax pouring her cunt juice into my waiting mouth. I sucked her off.

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“Now, Mr. Stranger, fuck the living day light out my pussy, don’t show her mercy, she has been a bad girl,” she ordered, giving me her hands to pull her up from the pavements she was sitting on as I was by now out of the gutter with my pole-erect cock in front of me. Now, we did not care who saw us or not. I went to my car, opened it, got out a pack of condoms, and took out one. I walked back to her and bent her over the bonnet of the car beside us and inserted my condom-covered cock into a very cum-moistened opiotus. “Hmmmm”, she gasped when she felt my rod inside her. I went in slowly, nice and smooth at first but like a starving lioness, she stretched out arms and pulled my waist further and harder into her opiotus as she was furiously meeting my thrusts, halfway. After like five minutes, I made her lie on her back lifted her legs onto my shoulders, and began ramming my relentless cock into her opiotus with all the energy I could muster. “Harder dude, fuck me harder, I’ve been a naughty girl playing with my pussy out here in the open and you caught me.”

I had pounded her for another eight minutes in which she was still mumbling her nonsense when that familiar tsunami hit her and she began speaking her language. That was when I realized she was an Akwa Ibom lady. Just at the same moment, I felt myself getting over the cliff as I finally let go and erupted all my cum into the condom inside her opiotus. “Hmmmm. Arrrrgggghhh”, we both screamed out our climax. I brought out my deflated cock, rolled off the condom, took out my handkerchief, wiped my cum filled cock, and proceeded to wipe her opiotus clean. I threw the handkerchief into the gutter dressed up properly while I helped her put back her gown as she was by now a little weak at the knees and her legs were failing her. Obvious she needed a little rest so I heaved her body up the boot of the car and decided to ask her the questions that have been going on in my mind.

“Pardon my manners, I’m Ray. I was about to leave here to a nice club around Ikeja when I stumbled upon you,” I said with that sly smile on my lips.

“I’m Eshiet. I know you must by now think I’m a bad girl that’s into street runs. The truth is that I love the nightlife and I don’t depend on men for money. I’m an insurance broker with an insurance firm where my dad is the Board Chairman! So you see I don’t lack money and don’t need to go into runs. I came here to unwind and when it began to rain, I couldn’t resist the urge of rain water dribbling on my clit and nipples and got lost in it. I have a fetish. Rain fetish! That was why I drove down here to park where I could hide but unfortunately, rather, fortunately, you came along and caught me right in the act. I think I have by now answered all the questions running through your naughty head!”

“Hmmm! What a long narrative of yourself. Firstly, I need you to know that I can’t judge anyone’s actions, especially sexual actions because I also have the same fetish as you that was what captivated me instantly.”

 “Wow! U sure abi you just dey tease me you this sharp guy? Anyway, sha, I dey happy say I get person wey be like me. I dey always think say I dey abnormal and dis na my secret lifestyle. Na you be the first guy wey I go tell and na because say you catch me. Anytime rain begin fall, I no dey get myself. Na so my toto go dey disturb me make I open am for rain water to sammer am”, she said putting her arms around my neck, drawing me closer and kissing me for the first time. “You are something else. If not that I’ve sworn to screw the word ‘love’ out of my head, I would have said I’m falling in love already. You punished me so badly.”

“I’m going dancing at the club, do you care to join me, Eshiet?” I asked still locked in her embrace.

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“Why not? I’ll call out my girl friends. We came together. Three of us. You drive and I’ll follow suit, Ray.”

We drove off and that was how I met Eshiet and we still stumbled into each other in different clubs on occasions. She did not want to maintain serious contact with me to avoid us getting mixed up on an emotional level but she could not help plugging me on occasions we met at the club and even following me to my apartment. She even sometimes gave me a call and prepared special plugging sessions for two just like the one we had the previous night all through till past midnight before I digressed a little into the history of how we met and our first plugging session.


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