Rain Sex (Part 2)

“E dey rain nah, this Calabar girl!” I said to make her understand why I wanted to leave her in bed.

 “Ray, I nor deaf. I dey hear the rain as e dey fall. Wait ooooo! I hope say na to go bring hot coffee come bed so that after am we go enter morning chapter of our matter. Chai you too sweet, bobo!” Eshiet said, in between sleep and wakefulness.

 “Ok dear, I go do coffee come for you now! But I been wan go outside go play under rain small. After we drink the coffee finish, I dey go outside. Care to join me?”

 “No!” She became suddenly more awake. “Abeg, people fit see us from tall buildings around. Make we come do free live porn show for them abi? Before you say Jack now, our nude erotic videos go circulate social media finish!”

 I had just packed into the one-bedroom apartment, a boys’ quarters in Alhaji’s house. Luckily for me, Alhaji, the landlord, and his entire family who lived in the main building, traveled for the summer holidays to Europe and members of his domestic staff had gone on compulsory leave so I had the privacy of the compound but I had not checked to realize if what Eshiet said about being seen by neighbors around was true so I decided that I would put on a boxer to go survey outside after our cups of coffee.

Still unclad, I went into the kitchen to put water in the electric kettle to boil, and then into the living room to fetch my boxers I took off in the heat of last night’s sex in the living room. Memories of last night’s sexual activities flooded my mind as I saw Eshiet’s red skimpy satin gown, her sexy matching red satin lingerie set scattered all over the floor in my living room, and the porn clip still playing on TV.

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 Instantly, I got an erection. A very throbbing erection! My gaze and thoughts revolved around everything in the living room from Eshiet’s sexy red satin lingerie to the porn scene currently playing on TV and then to the sexual memories of last night. It all got to the climax right here in the living room.

Eshiet had intimated to me via Whatsapp of her birthday plans which was going to be a very low-key party that would involve just four couples (eight guests in all) including us to make it five couples at a ritzy restaurant on the Island close to her office at Ozumba Mbadiwe Way, Victoria Island.

The party had been a swell one. I had been discreetly setting up the erotic mood and putting Eshiet on fire with my left hand all up under her red skimpy gown, caressing her sexy fleshy thighs, nudging her to spread her thighs further with my probing fingers, slid my middle finger inside the g-string panties she had on and had gone further until I found her mountain peak of pleasure – her clitoris! She had flinched a bit noticeably. I had to stop so that she could adjust to the sweet surprise. She had made a smiling face to get everyone’s mind off her after we had all noticed her flinch.

By now her eyes had begun doing the begging. She had wanted me to stop but her body liked what I was doing as she discreetly gyrated to the rhythm of my fingers on her clitoris. I had noticed she was becoming too excited and her conversations were becoming incoherent so I had to stop. I was occasionally sniffing at my middle finger to perceive her cunt smell. She had only smiled sexily when she caught me doing that. All of a sudden, I felt her right hand on my dick that had already stood erect and throbbed within the entrapment of my pants. I had visibly shuddered but maturely regained composure without attracting attention to me unlike Eshiet did. She had unzipped my pants, got out my dick, and began stroking it sensually. I had felt myself in heaven!

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The party had been an enjoyable one. The guests (her girlfriends and their men), Eshiet and I, all had devoured intercontinental cuisines, enough vintage wines, and Eshiet’s birthday cake (a gift from one of her female friends). We exchanged our goodbyes and got into Eshiet’s Lexus 350 jeep. She had decided I drove us back to my new apartment at Surulere – the groovy heart of the Mainland.

She had been a little tipsy and very horny by the time we got into the car. Immediately after we had closed the doors, she pushed back the seat and peeled her panties down to her ankles, and said in a husky voice, “Ray, can you be a good boy and come finish what you started in there because I’m on fire?” She pointed in the direction of the restaurant. “You’ve set me on fire in the presence of our guests back inside the restaurant! Boy, you’re so naughty!”

 I instantly responded with a lust-laden voice, “sugar, I’m so gonna tease you that you will beg me for release that I won’t offer you. It’s your day and I’m so gonna make it so memorable that you won’t forget in a hurry.”

 “Omg!” she had purred as my tongue made a first long slow flick along the entire length of her vulva. “Please, go on. Punish this naughty pussy of mine!”

 Lifting my face from her virginal orifice, I whispered, “Of course, ma’am, at your service always. You knew I was the best guy who would treat you right and make your birthday really special!” I had gone back to lapping up her pussy and teasing her clitoris with my tongue.

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 “Hmmmmm! Holy fuck! Why did you stop?” She was a bit hysterical as she must have been at the edge of that familiar cliff called, orgasm but I had just got up and went to the driver’s seat, rolled down the window a little to peak if anyone in the parking lot had noticed anything, then being satisfied there was no one observing, I revved the engine and sped off.

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