Two Female Bi Lovers Find A Surprise Male Sex Mate! – Part 2

Ray could not bring himself to orgasm before Mandy did! His mind roamed to Stella, but she traveled before the lockdown, so she too was not an option! After the video call ended, he flipped through the porn videos on his phone and came across a particular one which was a perfect threesome involving a cool black dude and two black bi ladies. He reduced the volume, positioned his phone, and relaxed in bed to enjoy the porn flick.

It was a thirty minutes porn flick. Seven minutes into the porn flick, he heard some other funny sounds outside of the porn flick he was seeing. He reduced the volume entirely and cocked an ear to know what it was and where it was coming from.

Surprisingly, the sounds were coming from the apartment of his new neighbors whom he rarely sees. They go out early in the mornings and return late at night.

He went outside to be sure of what he was hearing because he had never noticed any male visitor in their apartment. As he got to the door of their apartment, it was slightly opened. Out of curiosity, Ray gently pushed open the door and went into the living room where the sounds were now clearer. It suddenly dawned on him that Cassie and Jasmine are lesbian lovers and they were seriously fucking in the bedroom.

Ray, peeped through the window to look at the gate of the compound to ensure it was locked. It was. He now proceeded into the room where he met a very pleasant sight to behold!

Jasmine and Cassie were lost. Jasmine was Tribbing passionately away on Cassie, grinding her coochie on Cassie’s! Jasmine was like a mermaid in all her sexual glory. Her lush full hairs partially covered her fair boobs. Her pink nipples peaked through the hairs.

Ray was transfixed to the spot at the entrance of their bedroom. Indeed, an enchanting sight to behold! It was obvious that they were both in love.

Ray’s throbbing cock was slightly losing the towel around his waist without him knowing. After like five minutes into the enchanting scene, he realized that he only had a towel on and it had almost slipped off his waist. As he tried grabbing the falling towel to wrap back in place, he mistakenly slipped as a result of little water on the tiled floor at the entrance.

The two ladies shockingly got out of their sexual enchantment to stare at Ray on the floor with his cock stretched and hard like an iron rod. In unison, both ladies screamed, “Ray?”

All the three were kind of confused and transfixed for a few seconds before Ray scrambled up, and tried to find his voice with his eyes still roaming over their sexy naked bodies, “I’m very sorry! I have no excuse to barge in on you ladies but curiosity got the best of me and I traced the sounds I was hearing to your apartment knowing you ladies don’t really entertain male visitors and not this late at night. That was how I found your door open and I entered.” He motioned to turn around and move away, “now that I’m sure that you ladies are safe and not in danger as I thought, I beg to take my leave!”

Jasmine quickly jumped off the bed to stop Ray, “and where do you think you’re going, young man?” A wry smile on her face.

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Ray was now more confused because the ladies were supposed to be angry.

Cassie, caressing her chubby ebony boobs, looked seductively deep into Ray’s eyes, “Jasmine and I, guessed you’d fall for this bait! We had almost given up on seducing you when you finally stumbled in on us.”

Jasmine hooked her left arm around Ray’s neck while she yanked off the towel Ray was putting on, “Hey dude, it’s unfair! We ladies are fully naked while you’re wrapped up in a towel!”

She gently stroked Ray’s hard cock while seductively looking into his eyes and whispered a bit loudly close to his ears, “Cassie and I, planned to seduce you tonight, so we left the door slightly open for your curious cock to lead you here when you hear our intentionally loud moans.”

Cassie motioned Jasmine to bring Ray into their king-size bed, “bring him over darling, let’s have a feast for which we have hungered for months. As you can see, Jasmine and I are lesbian sisters, lovers, and whatever. We’ve never had individual boyfriends since we became bi-lovers in our 200L at the university.”

Jasmine who by now had placed her lubricated coochie over Ray’s lips and started riding his face sensually at first to create a sensual rhythm, said with a low husky voice, “We just hope we have found a worthy replacement in you, Ray! We do hear the pleasurable sexual sounds from the ladies you slaughter in bed at your apartment and have been aching for your magic touches.”

“Welcome to the lesbian world of Cassie and Jasmine, two bi-lovers of a kind!” whispered Cassie as she stood by the side of the bed, placed Ray’s cock in between her soft chubby boobs, spat at the tip of his cock, and moved her thick boobs up and down Ray’s cock.

Ray could not believe what was going on. He felt it was another dream and prayed that this beautiful dream never ended but should even become a reality! He was no longer confused but lost in sexual ecstasy. He could not believe his luck.

From his mental calculations, he felt it must have been about ten minutes into this beautiful threesome session. He felt it was time to show them the stuff he was made of.

Jasmine was now close to that familiar edge of the sexual cliff. Her insistent moans boosted his ego and made his cock throb harder in between Cassie’s celestial boobs.

Without warning, Ray gently lifted Jasmine’s butt off his face and pulled her down on top of him as he pulled his cock from in between Cassie’s boobs.

Jasmine cursed under her breath, “you devil! Didn’t you know I was about to cum, Ray?”

Ray smiled mischievously, “pardon me, Her Royal Highness. I didn’t want to rush you. The night is still very young.” He turned to stare deep into Cassie’s eyes, “be prepared. All three of us have a very long night ahead of us!”

“Damn you, Ray! You have a way with words too! You really must have broken many hearts,” Cassie said as she anticipated Ray’s next move!

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Ray made chubby Cassie lay her back on the bed and spread her legs wide open close to the edge of the bed then asked for Jasmine to lie on top of her. The two ladies began caressing each other’s boobs and kissed each other passionately in eager anticipation of Ray’s next move.

Ray knelt beside the bed and began stroking both coochies together with his thumb. He moved his dexterous thumb from Jasmine’s pink vulva beginning from the spot between her butthole and her coochie, fingered her coochie a little bit with his middle and index fingers, and trailed his thumb down to her clitoris, rubbed her clitoris a little longer then proceeded to Cassie’s already trembling clitoris, rubbed it a little longer – paying calculated equal attention to both ladies – then proceeded to her coochie, slid both his middle and index fingers into her really wet and inviting coochie, fingered her a little like he did Jasmine’s, then proceeded down to the region between her coochie and butthole.

Ray repeated this move from top to bottom and bottom to top while motioning for both ladies to grind on each other’s clitoris while he was in the act.

He stopped teasing with his fingers and began using his tongue on both ladies in the same position he had placed them that produced a pleasurable sigh from both ladies which was in unison. Both ladies were by now in insane ecstasy, talking both gibberish and occasionally making sensible sentences and phrases!

“Oh Ray and Jasmine, you both are the best – I’m enjoying the best of both worlds!” screamed Cassie as Jasmine ground faster on her clitoris. Jasmine occasionally ground Ray’s probing tongue in between both coochies.

Jasmine was by now trembling, “Oh my world, Ray, you’re wicked. This is wickedness. Allow me to cum. I’m begging you. You’ve set my body on fire!”

Ray, knew that both ladies were really close to orgasm so he stopped teasing them both and gently pushed Cassie off Jasmine. Both ladies now lay on their back, cursing and swearing under their breath!

In the heat of the moment, Ray requested a condom which was immediately produced by Cassie from the top edge of the bed.

He quickly and skillfully tore one open, inserted it over his dick, and positioned the ladies in the same position as earlier but slightly bent Jasmine while Cassie lay on her back in bed.

He rubbed the tip of his seriously throbbing cock against Jasmine’s clitoris for a while then slid down to her coochie door, knocked severally at it by hitting his cock against her coochie, and finally slid his cock into her copious coochie.

Jasmine responded with a pleasurable sigh, “hmm! Ray, are you an Alien?! Damn, what planet are you from? You must all be mean from where you come from.” She began kissing and fondling Cassie’s ebony boobs.

Ray did not as much mind Jasmine’s sex-crazed questions but instead, he began pumping her coochie with pleasurable rhythms. While at it, he teased Cassie’s entire vulva with his thumb and occasionally fingered her coochie!

After a few minutes, he withdrew from Jasmine’s dripping coochie and used his sweet hard cock to tease Cassie’s throbbing clitoris and without warning, he slid into her aching and anticipating coochie!

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Both ladies were now lost in each other, kissing, caressing boobs, and pinching nipples as Ray rammed into Cassie’s chubby coochie with so much energy that made her coochie tremble around Ray’s cock, gripping it really tight. He knew she was close to that familiar edge but once again he refused to push her off the cliff!

Cassie cursed as she was writhing in sweet pleasure. Her entire body was in a pleasurable state. Her eyes were watery with plea, “you bastard! Please give me a release. I was very close! I give up, you are one sweet wicked tease in bed!”

Jasmine chuckled as she realized that Cassie was now in the same state Ray had made her experience many times already that night.

Ray motioned for Cassie to lie on the bed with her back then positioned Jasmine on all fours in between Cassie’s ebony chubby thighs while he went behind Jasmine, bent to tongue tease her now very moist and dripping coochie to warm her up for a smooth doggie ride.

“Ouch! This is sweetness redefined! Please don’t stop Ray!” moaned Jasmine as she took the cue and started pleasuring Cassie with her tongue.

Ray knelt behind Jasmine and penetrated her coochie smoothly and sensually at first then raised the tempo a bit before he proceeded to thrash the living daylight out of her coochie.

Jasmine’s pleasurable screams drowned Cassie’s soft moans. She was in the highest clouds of sex. She gyrated her hips with reckless abandon but to the rhythm of Ray’s insistent strokes.

Cassie was the first to gain release as she held on tightly to Jasmine’s head, “oh darling, please don’t stop! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Jasmine struggled to maintain a balance as she was all sexual heat and was about to reach her orgasm, “Ray please, give me release this time around. I beg you, Ray! Ooooooo Ray, I’m on my way. Fuck me harder! Harder, Ray!” She was almost in tears as she was engulfed in one of the best orgasms of her entire active sex life!

While she was still quaking, Ray felt that familiar ache in his groins which made him ram Jasmine’s coochie faster and harder until he too released, “arrrrggggghhhhh! I’m cumming too. I swear, I’m cumming!”

Jasmine quickly pulled away from him, slid off the condom, and inserted his cock into her mouth as he filled her greedy mouth with his semen. She sucked him off clean and snowballed Ray’s sperm, sharing it with Cassie in a sweet passionate kiss.

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