Unexpected or Inevitable  (Part 1)

I kissed up the side of her neck up to her ear, and whispered “I want to eat you” in a deep fucking voice, she was so out of breath all she could do was nod her head – YES!. I placed my hands on her butt and gently laid her down on the couch with my hard dick hovering over her, her flimsy panties and my shorts was the only thing preventing me from being inside her,  we dry humped each other with our lips locked together and her legs crossed around my back. 

Met this chick at a get together I was invited to, as usual, I didnʼt want to go for obvious reasons (donʼt like a crowd) and I wasnʼt in the mood to witness grown-ass adults playing party games, getting drunk(I donʼt drink or smoke), hitting on each other and generally embarrassing themselves in the name of “having fun” but my friends convinced me it wasnʼt that kind of party… I knew better but I indulged them anyway just to get out of the house.

Got to the party early because one of my friends was among the organizers and I had to help with a  few things… I dressed casually  (wore shorts and a shirt) as it was the weekend and it was hot.  

The event was in full flow and it was as casual as it could get with around  30 people most were couples and evidently knew each other, it was poolside and I was so out of my depth because I didnʼt know most of the people there so I was on a  lounging chair facing the gate like I  was about to make a run for it. 

That was when she walked in…..  in all her radiant beauty, in a yellow floral summer dress with a thin strap that ended just below her knee and a  brown sun hat, the dress was free-flowing and at the same time hugged her curves!!!! She had that in abundance. The dress showed a  certain degree of cleavage and with my wondering eyes, she was braless. I had to glance back up to look at her face and noticed that she was looking around to see where sheʼd fit in, she avoided the crowded area and exchanged pleasantries with a few people before she noticed a vacant lounge chair next to me, she was with a friend and they both sat… We exchanged greetings and our eyes lingered on each other for a  bit we smiled and she got back to her friend, they got talking about random things, I wasnʼt really listening, I was busy scrolling through Twitter, they were at it for a  while before her friend excused herself for a moment.

Out of the blue, she struck up a  conversation “I see youʼre enjoying the party all by your lonesome” I had to turn around to see if she was actually talking to me and she was!!! 

I replied “Yeah I really don’t like these things”, just like that we got to talking and I found out she didn’t want to be at the party too, got to know her name was Mandy, found out she liked watching series just like me and we were both watching an ongoing series (Bel-Air). We talked about the characters and how we wanted the show to end. 

Minutes into the conversation she confessed that she liked the way I spoke but the only reason she spoke to me was that she saw me with a power bank and she could really use it at that moment but didnʼt want to be rude. I said itʼs fine she can use it. 

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We kept talking and her friend came back to check on her to know if it was okay she left her alone, Mandy said it was fine she has met a new  “friend”.  

I kept stealing glances at her cleavage, and she caught me a few times but all she did was smile?  She asked if I was here with somebody I told her no, caught a  sinister grin on her face and I asked why she asked that? Her response  was “Just checking”  

During the course of the conversation, I found Mandy was relatively new in town, and I instinctively let slip that I would like to show her around and I surprisingly got an enthusiastic response that sheʼd loved that.. at that point, the party was winding down; she asked for my phone which she used to dial her number, she said “text me” and left.

I couldnʼt get Mandy out of my head,  her pretty face, her voice, her full lips, her cute chubby cheeks, her voluptuous tits, just everything about her. Mandy and I texted back and forth after that day and sometimes weʼd talked for hours over the phone, we never ran out of things to talk about.  

Two weeks after that took Mandy for an evening drive around town, when it was getting dark she asked if I could take us somewhere private? I said “okay’’. I got us to a secluded area and parked, the ignition was barely off when she took my right hand and placed it on her bare thighs, she rubbed it up and down and asked if  Iʼd like to kiss her…  

I leaned over to her side and she grabbed the side of my face, when our lips touched I felt a surge of electricity run through me, she must have felt it too because she leaned back and smiled, my hands were subconsciously rubbing her really soft thighs while in a lip lock when we came up for a little breather, Mandy said “You can touch me everywhere yunno, I know youʼre dying to feel up my titsʼ…. I said, “Hell yeah”.

I took my face out of her hands,  gently grabbed her by the head, and kissed her all over, down to her neck, squeezed her tits one after the other,  with so much heavy petting going on I was so hard, so turned on I was leaking precum onto my boxer shorts; I had to put a stop to it because I didnʼt want our first time to be in a car. 

We were both breathing heavily and weʼd decided weʼll continue another time in a more comfortable environment. 

So I dropped Mandy off at home.  Got home and the first text I got today was from Mandy reading “I  really enjoyed hanging out with you”  I replied, “me too”. We kept hanging out on and off and I told her how Iʼd like to spend a whole weekend with her, so we set it up.

 We were together on a Wednesday and the conversation drifted to what Iʼd like to do when weʼre together for the weekend I just kept my cool, I said “youʼd see” she didnʼt push any further. 

I was on the phone scrolling through Twitter when I saw racy lingerie, I showed her and asked if she had anything like that and how I  thought it will look really good on her, she said didn’t have the lingerie, I asked if it will be okay if I ordered it for her, she said “Okay”. It was perfect timing too since itʼd be delivered in two days (Friday).

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Unbeknownst to her, I had ordered three different lingeries, different styles, and colors; one for each night weʼd be spending together. The first one was a black two-piece lacy bra that shows lots of cleavage and a thong panty that shows her butt cheeks in itʼs full glory. The second one was a red corset and panties and finally a  white see-through negligee to be worn without panties.


Got a text from Mandy that I should pick her up by 7pm, got there and she was ready to go, she was wearing a white shirt and jean bum shorts. We stopped at an eatery, both got takeout and headed to my place. Got there and I lead her into my  “bachelor pad” and told her to make herself comfortable, we ate in silence because… well “manners”. After eating, and clearing the plates, I  asked her how her day was and she did the same, we were making small talk but I couldnʼt help but glance at her braless tits and how they jiggled as she giggled, we eventually decided to watch something, I asked if sheʼd like to watch the latest installment of a series “Bel-Air” we both liked.  We both got on the couch, lights dimmed and our favorite tv show on, on the big screen. My back was resting on the armrest, the moment I pressed play she got between my arms and legs to snuggle, I  wrapped my hand around her, and she made a humming sound. She said she liked how I smell, I was wearing a mixture of (RIGGS and Storm body spray, with a sprinkle of Ralph  Lauren perfume). I pulled her in closer and thanked her. 

With my hands around her chest area, I couldnʼt help but feel the softness of tits under my arm, I  subconsciously kept trying to make contact as much as I could with our concentration on the tv… a scene came on where the main character (Will) was making out with his girlfriend (Lisa) it was heated because they were about to make love for the first time, it had and effect on both of us, because Iʼve always thought Lisa was hot and she looked a bit like Mandy herself. 

Mandy took my hand and placed it on her left tit and squeeze twice! I  got the message and I cupped her tit and felt its weight, I took my thumb and index finger and wrapped it around her obscenely hard nipples, I  was sporting a hard-on myself and she could feel it, and she was grinding back into me. 

We forgot all about the show, Mandy turned around, straddled me, inhaled my scent, took my face in her hands, kissed my neck, and took her time kissing my lips, my hands were laid languidly on her waist but as the kiss went on I grabbed and squeezed her butt.

Mandy came up for air, and I used that opening to rise up a bit myself and took off her shirt, as I did her beautiful tits were laid bare for me for the first time, I held her waist and kissed her neck down to her chest area, I laid kisses all over her tits, teasing her hard nipples, finally, I latched onto her right nipple, she grabbed the back of my head to pull me in closer to her titties and was moaning and grinding on to my hard-on, she drew my head back away from her hard nubs and gave me a soul searching kiss, then dragged my head back to her other tit I was sucking on her rights tits while her left was being mauled by my right hand. 

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That went on for a while but we both wanted more, so I took my hand to unbutton her shorts, she raised up just enough for me to get them off, she also took off my shirt and sat back on my lap with just her panties, I could feel her wetness,  and it turned me on beyond belief, I wanted to taste her. 

I kissed up the side of her neck up to her ear, and whispered “I want to eat you” in a deep fucking voice, she was so out of breath all she could do was nod her head – YES!. I placed my hands on her butt and gently laid her down on the couch with my hard dick hovering over her, her flimsy panties and my shorts was the only thing preventing me from being inside her,  we dry humped each other with our lips locked together and her legs crossed around my back. 

I unhooked her legs and kissed her neck, her chest area down to her stomach, a visible wet pussy was on the crotch of her panties, I placed my hands on the waistband of her panties to take it off, she was shaved bare and glistening wet.  

I gently spread both her legs, took a long slow lick on her wet slit,  flattened my tongue on her mound,  Mandy moaned and try to push my face deeper into her by grabbing the back of my head and grounding her  pussy on my face. I had other plans for her I wanted to take my time savoring her tasty pussy and making her cum, with that in mind I easily shrugged off her attempt to pull my face into her pussy, I  inserted one, then two fingers into her Vigina as I raised one of her legs and placed it on my shoulder, I kissed and nibbled on her inner thighs, with my fingers drilling in and out of her pussy at a very delicate pace. 

She squeezed her tits and moaned, gyrating her hips and trying to make my fingers go deeper in her. I took my time kissing both her thighs but it was time for the main course. 

Took my fingers out of her pussy and licked them to have a taste of her, I liked how she tasted, I then went to the source, licking and eating her out,  lapping up her juices, and wriggled my tongue inside her as she was thrashing about, gave her long slow licks had her pussy lips between my lips; I found her clit and took it all in my mouth, that was when she lost it and came all over my face, it was a  powerful orgasm, she squirted all over my face and was shaking. She was out of it for a while before she came back to life,  and asked if she could freshen up.

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